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Friday, August 8, 2014

Homemade Pork Egg Rolls

I've been blessed to make many friends in the blog world, some of which live in the same town as me!  A couple of weeks back I met up with Michelle and Kelli at Michelle's house {or should I say barn?}.
Anyway, she served us egg rolls for lunch.  I was in heaven.  I had eyeballed her recipe a long, long time ago but never got around to trying them.  I mean, they are a bit intimidating right?
Well folks, they AREN'T intimidating.  Now that I've made them once, I'll be making them time and time again.
You should have seen my husband's face when I announced one morning that I was making egg rolls for dinner.....an eye roll may have been involved.  He's used to me trying different foods on him, but I really think this time he thought I had lost my mind.
I mean who really makes their own egg rolls?  Don't we all just order them with our Chinese food and call it good?  Yeah, pretty much.
After he gave me a hard time, I just set out to prove him wrong.
He ate 15 that night for dinner.
Fifteen, y'all.
In fact I think he had about 4 down by the time I finally sat down from taking some photos of them.  He absolutely loved them.  And my kids?  They loved them too!  You never know how it is going to go with kids when putting them in front of a new food, especially one filled with vegetables.  

I know I have been going on and on about how easy these are, but if you still aren't convinced, one way to make these even easier is to make up the filling the day prior.  Then when ready to eat, just fill and pan fry for a quick meal.

I have some egg roll wrappers left in the fridge and I'm just dying to make some of these up again.  But I'm refraining.  Actually the husband is making me refrain, he's afraid he eat over half the batch again.

I based my egg roll recipe loosely on Michelle's, but feel free to change it up anyway you'd like too.  Swap out the ground pork with beef or chicken.  Add different veggies.  Make these your own people!

Homemade Pork Egg Rolls

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*filling makes 24 egg rolls
Adapted from Michelle's recipe
2 packages egg roll wrappers {15 in each}
1 lb. ground pork
2 10 oz. bags of cabbage slaw {includes green and purple cabbage, carrots and broccoli}
1/2 onion, finely minced
1 clove garlic, minced
2 T. soy sauce
2 T. rice wine vinegar
1 t. worchestershire sauce

1.  In a large skillet cook the pork, along with the onion and garlic, until no longer pink and juices run clear.
2.  Add in packaged slaw, soy sauce, rice wine vinegar and worchestershire sauce.  Stir fry for 5 minutes over medium-high heat.
3.  Add in salt and pepper, turn off the heat and allow the mixture to cool.
4.  Grease a large rimmed cookie sheet and prepare an assembly line of prep area, egg roll wrappers and bowl of water, along with a pastry brush.
5.  To assemble lay down a wrapper and place 2 heaping T. of filling into the middle of the wrapper.  With a pastry brush, brush water around all the edges of the wrapper.  Fold up the bottom side of the wrapper tucking tightly around the meat, fold in sides and roll up tight {directions are also on the package}.
6.  Lay seam side down on the greased cookie sheet until ready to pan fry.
7.  When all are assembled, heat your skillet to high heat.  Spray all sides of the egg rolls with cooking oil.  Place in the hot pan, cooking 2 minutes each side, turning frequently to brown all four sides.
8.  Egg rolls should be brown and crispy.  Allow to drain on paper towels, keeping covered until ready to serve.
9.  Serve with sweet and sour sauce or additional soy sauce.

These are also great reheated the next day in a hot oven or toaster oven.  Or better yet freeze them for later. 

So flippin' good!

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  1. Jolene (www.everydayfoodie.ca)August 8, 2014 at 9:24 AM

    Bookmarking this one!! I love egg rolls, but am always intimidated to make things like that at home (anything with wonton-style wrappers basically), but since the wrappers for these are larger, it's a little less intimidating. Also, your recipe sounds easy enough!