I'm so happy you have found my sweet corner of the internet. Let's have some fun! As a busy Mom of 3, I'm here to help you find the simplicity in cooking. I've already developed easy dinners, side dishes, breakfasts and desserts for you so there is no need to reinvent the wheel. Use my recipes to feed your family!

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75 Fuss Free Recipes Ebook

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The Woods
Cinque Terre
Mountains and fjords
Northern Lights
Nature and sunrise
Nature and sunrise
This collection of recipes is a combination of over 10 years of food blogging. Every single one is a recipe I've made and my family has loved. Plus, if you've followed me at all over the years then you'll know complicated and I don't get along - I want easy and tasty!

All of these recipes come from the comfort of my home. Ones that my readers have loved over the years! These fuss-free recipes are easy to throw together any day of the week for dinner, a snack, breakfast or dessert.

It is my hope that you'll print this off in color for your kitchen. That you'll mark it up and circle your favorites. Staple it, put it in a binder or just shove the copies in a nook of your cupboard. I have no doubt you'll be reaching for it often.


An electronic book, also know as an eBook or e-book, is a book publication made in digital form. It consists of text, images or both that is readable on digital-only flat panel displays (computers, iPads, Kindles, phones, etc.)
Yes, this Ebook is a PDF. Meaning, 75 Fuss Free Recipes is a print-type document that has a fixed layout. It will look the same on whatever device you read it on, whether that be a tiny phone or tablet or computer screen.
his Ebook will arrive in your email after purchasing in a PDF format. It can be read directly from there or downloaded to your phone, tablet or computer. I do recommend you download it to your computer/tablet or phone for safekeeping.
Yes. This Ebook can be printed off (for reference it is 82 pages) in full color or black and white.
There are multiple to keep this Ebook handy and it is 100% your preference. Some people like to print it off and place it in a recipe binder or simply staple it together and keep for quick reference in their kitchen. Other people enjoy downloading it and reading it visually on their phone, tablet or computer, keeping it saved on their desktop for easy reading.

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