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About Me

Hi internet friends {can I call us friends?}.  I'm tickled you've stopped by.  How are you?

I'm a wife, mama, daughter, sister and friend.  You've come here because you love food. Hey, we have one thing in common!  I'm also in love with great television, coffee with creamer, Italian food, craft beers, books, my girlfriends {they make the world go round}, the Iowa Hawkeyes and planting my butt on a deck chair by the lake.

In college I majored in Electronic Media and Journalism and have half-heartedly used my degree. Kinda.  Does this blog count?  I started it as an escape from stay-at-home motherhood when my youngest was just 3 months old back in 2009.  Much to my surprise, I fell in love with writing and connecting with you folks.

I then went on to have three babies in five years.  Somedays I consider that a feat, somedays I'm fairly certain I was on drugs.  If you are imagining my kitchen life, imagine one child on a hip and the other two fighting in the background.  Because that my friend, is the truth.

Since the start I've shared exactly what we eat.  I'm pretty real.  I like to tell people what I think. Sorry, if you are already offended.  I write exactly like I talk and people usually love it or hate it.  If you are reading this, I hope you love it.

I dream to one day write a book.  I'd love for it to be part cookbook, part memoir, part life stories, experiences and funny tales.  If that sounds like something you'd like to read please by all means contact your publisher friends on my behalf.

This little corner of the internet has certainly grown into something more than I had ever imagined.  I'm a bit floored that anyone really cares about a mid-thirties gal from Iowa.  But people like what they like and I'm not here to argue with them.

Until we chat again, enjoy the food.  That is what we're all really here for right?



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  1. I found this blog randomly because I wanted to cook something nice -- love your food