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Thursday, November 20, 2014

My Top 14 Stocking Stuffers for Kids {Ages 0 - 14}


Do you have the tradition of filling everyone's stocking at Christmas?  In my family growing up we always looked forward to opening our stockings first thing on Christmas morning, well before we tore into our larger gifts.
But I do know that some families don't do this - in fact when I met my husband I learned that his family doesn't do stockings.  They are missing out!
I strongly recommend starting this tradition if you haven't already.  You can go over the top and buy monogrammed stockings or simply use an old, long sock.  It is up to you.  Regardless it is fun finding little treasures, more often than not items that you would never buy for yourself, but love the idea of receiving.
Here are my Top 14 picks for 2014All items are linked for easy purchasing right here within this post.  Now is the time to buy - get it ALL DONE now!  And as most of you know me well, nothing is super expensive or outrageous.  Please note prices can vary from day to day, but should stay close to the price listed below.
Happy Shopping!
My kids LOVE the Color Wonder markets from Crayola, and as a Mom I love them too.  They only color on the special paper that it comes with, so there are no heart attacking inducing moments when your 3 year old draws on the wall.
My son has been BEGGING me for this.  He has seen the commercial on T.V. and thinks it is just the coolest thing.  And I kind of do as well?  Snacks and drinks in one cup seems pretty neat.
Every boy from the age of 2-7 needs some Hot Wheels cars.  They provide endless entertain and use of the imagination.  I keep all of ours in a big Ziploc baggie for easy storage.
If your teenagers are into reading {I sure hope they are!}, then this book light is needed.  They can read in their rooms at night or in the family room with everyone else without having to sit next to a lamp at night. 
I always kept a journal when I was younger and this one is the elite journal for kids.  It provides questions and thoughtful conversations to encourage kids to write.  A whole three years of fun!  And a great keepsake too.
Every child LOVES hot cocoa.  My two oldest feel that every time they come in from the cold they NEED hot cocoa, and I usually oblige.  There is just something warm and fuzzy about drinking the stuff.
You are not a true parent until you have kids bored in the car on long trips.  This game will entertain them and keep them away from video games for at least an hour.  Perfect for all ages!
Our 3 year old is just now getting into jewelry {fake jewelry that is...} and this organizer is ideal for kids {and adults!} to keep it all organized.  No more stepping on those darn beads.
Snacks are a must for kids.  They seem to be hunger every hour!  Having their own healthy granola bars on hand with keep them full and satisfied until dinner.  If your kids are older, try allowing them to keep them in their rooms so that the other little don't snag them.
Boy and sports?  Pretty much go hand in hand right?  These athletic socks will give them the support needed when running from one event to another.
I am in LOVE with the Philosophy brand.  I first smelled their scents at Von Maur back in college.  I am pretty sure any girl in your life will love this scent.  And how about a recipe on each bottle?  Genius!
If you have a wee little baby at home like me you may often juggle with what they should wear.  Especially during the changing seasons where it is chilly in the morning and then warms up as the day goes on.  I love putting our 6 month old in long-sleeved onesies this time of year, but her legs are still cold - these leg warmers would be perfect!
I am a BIG fan of limiting our kids television time when we are home, at least at their age when I can still control it.  I like to set our kitchen timer and rotate activities for them.  This word scramble brain game will be perfect for when they get a bit older!
And finally it isn't Christmas until you've watched the Charlie Brown Christmas.  As I type out this blog post my kids are watching the Charlie Brown Thanksgiving DVD.  A good, classic cartoon.
 I hope at least one of these 14 stocking stuffer ideas have helped you.  I'm just trying to make this holiday season a bit easier on all of you!
Happy Shopping!

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