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Thursday, January 26, 2023

Tomato & Olive Taco Dip

This unique taco dip has been in our family for years and I'm finally sharing it with you!
Tomatoes, olives, green chilies, onions....all scooped up with Doritos.

Collage of taco dip....ingredients in a stainless bowl, hand holding Dorito with dip, platter of dip and Doritos on wooden platter.

I reached out to my fans this past week on Instagram because I needed inspiration for New Year recipes. Yep, that's right - sometimes I get stuck! The first of the year is hard because most are wanting to eat healthy, yet we still have leftover holiday gatherings, Super Bowl parties and Valentine's Day right around the corner.

Leaving me to think, what do people want?

After getting lots of feedback from my fans I also starting flipping through my old family cookbook. In here over the years I saved a lot of my Mom's recipes, plus recipes I've made from friends and other family members.

That's when I saw it - my Mom's taco dip.

Taco dip in a white bowl with a Dorito chip scooping some dip out.

I have fond, distinct memories of my Mom making this dip growing up and bringing a big bowl out onto our screened in wrap around porch when her friends would come by for a drink in the Summer. We snacked away and always loved it.

I remember thinking to myself - I love this dip even though it's full of vegetables! Hahaha, the thoughts of a young kid.

Rather than a typical layered taco dip, this one is fresh and unique. Tomatoes, green chilies, black and green olives, onions, cheddar cheese and garlic powder. That's it! It's so simple to make and stays fresh in the fridge for days.

Actually it gets better the longer it sits.

Stainless steel bowl of taco dip ingredients - tomatoes, onions, olives, green chilies.

Olive lovers you'll love this dip! The black and green olives (plus some of their juices) gives it such a tangy taste with lots of flavor. 

And now the question you'll all been wanting to ask.

Why are you serving this dip with Doritos?

Honestly, because that is how my Mom always served it. I'm not interested in breaking tradition. PLUS, the cheesy Dorito chip pairs SO WELL with this dip. You just have to try it. Trust me when I say I am not steering you wrong.


Up close shot of hand holding a Dorito chip with taco dip on it.

If you get in a bind and HAVE to serve this with regular tortilla chips, go ahead, but it won't be the same.

I've also eaten this on leftover grilled chicken once and it was delicious. Just thought I'd throw that in.

Bring this dip to your next party. Bring the Doritos (grab an extra bag). Tell your people all about this dip, hand them a Dorito chip and watch them reach for another chip. Before serving give it a nice stir (those juices are amazing).

Be ready for people to ask for the recipe!

Collage of taco dip....ingredients in a stainless bowl, hand holding Dorito with dip, platter of dip and Doritos on wooden platter.

Can't wait to hear what you think about this retro taco dip!

Be sure to leave a star rating review below, it helps my readers to know if they'd like to make it. I'd also love to see your photos, be sure to tag me on social media (@sweetsavoryeats) and I'll be sure to give you a shout out.

Yay for fun dips!

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