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Thursday, February 9, 2023

White Chocolate Raspberry Bakery Muffins

I have perfected the BEST bakery style muffin.
This version is studded with fresh raspberries and white chocolate chips!

Collage of white chocolate raspberry muffins in a muffin tin, on a white plate and a hand holding one with a bite of butter taken out.

Hey there muffin fans!

I love a good muffin and I know you all do to...so I wanted to share my latest creation, my White Chocolate Raspberry Bakery Muffins.

I call them "bakery" muffins because they taste exactly like ones you'd buy from a great bakery. They're big with a perfect domed top, fluffy, loaded with flavor and have a slightly crispy - sugar coated - crust that really takes them over the top.

Split white chocolate raspberry muffin with butter sitting in a muffin tin.

I also felt this was the PERFECT time to showcase this muffin - as what holiday is right around the corner? Valentine's Day! Plus, Spring is getting closer (we hope) and nothing screams fresh, nice weather like a good berry.

White chocolate and raspberries have always been paired together in desserts - so why not mix them together in a baked good as well?

I figured it was a fun idea and well, I'm the writer of this blog - so here we are!

White ramekin holding raspberries next to a muffin tin full of raspberry muffins.

I based this recipe off my Triple Berry Sour Cream Muffin recipe (it took me a lot of time to make that one great - so figured why not use that same base again?). People always look at me a bit sideways when they see there is a cup of sour cream in the batter, as well as nutmeg and almond extract.

Trust me when I say it all works!

You fill these babies high (don't skimp!) and that, along with not overworking the batter creates a nice, big domed muffin. Just like you see in the bakeries!

A hand holding a fresh raspberry muffin with a full muffin tin in the background.

Look at those juicy raspberries and those semi-melted white chocolate chips! Both create the ultimate bite. Before baking you sprinkle just a little bit of sugar on the top of the muffin batter. By doing that when it bakes it creates a sugary crust. It's heavenly.

This batch will be 12 big muffins. It is the ideal treat to make for a special breakfast (my kids and husband loved them) - whether that be Saturday morning breakfast alongside eggs and bacon or to give to special baked treat to a friend or neighbor.

Collage of raspberry muffin photos in a muffin tin and on a white plate.

I'm looking forward to hearing your thoughts on these!

If you make them I'd love your star rating review below or tag me on social media (@sweetsavoryeats) so I can see your photos.

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