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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Farmers Market & Thrift Store Finds

I stopped at the Farmers Market after work today, not only to talk to the gal I used work with at my town's farmers market last year, but of course to also check out the goods.

Ten minutes later I left with kale, fresh wild blackberries, dill and zucchini bread.  Two hours after arriving home, the kale is gone, zucchini bread half gone, the blackberries have a major dent, and half of the dill made into this...

Dilled Mayo
I slathered it on the grilled burgers we had tonight.  Then dropped it all on the floor in a heap.  At least the dogs got a good taste.  Luckily I have more dill and more mayo, so I'm sure another batch will be made.

Ever check out the racks at thrift stores?  I'm not a big looker in the clothing department, but I often browse the book aisles.  Last week I found a TON of cookbooks.  I have an addiction.  Better than coffee and cigarettes, right?

I could have easily walked out of there with about 6 more, but I controlled myself.  It will probably take me a month or two just to get through these.  Geeky, I know, but I love reading cookbooks.

Just about as much as I love trashy magazines.

What are the latest farmers market goodies you've found?

What about thrift store deals?

Now that I'm not working as much, I have time to "browse".  This could be bad!  Watch out!

Would you like to comment?

  1. We don't have any thrift stores in my city that I am aware of (lame, I know) ... and I haven't been to the Farmer's Market yet this year, because it just opened. I am looking forward to getting some tomatoes though!!!

  2. Farmers markets and thrift stores---two of my favorite things! I found the cutest dress at the thrift store yesterday for only $4.99, it's a graphic print dress and ties in the back. I buy 95% of my clothes at thrift stores since I'm losing weight. The last thing I want to do is pay alot for an item then have it be too big.

  3. I actually got a brand new bed for my brother at the thrift store the other day for $25 for his new apartment! LOVE thrift stores. I don't go to the farmer's markets much, but I might have to start going more often.

    Go ahead and browse...some of us look to you to get us moving outside of our boxes.

  4. We actually just did dill mayo on bison burgers the other night. It was SO good! I haven't been to our farmer's market in awhile. It's so hot outside... I'll have to go soon!

  5. I love reading cookbooks! Such fun!

    Sorry about the mayo on the floor! I hate it when that happens!

  6. Another reason I like you so much Ally - you are a thrift store/cookbook whore like me! And yes, its better than a smoking addiction!

    Best scores - I bought a brand new Ann Taylor suit for $9 - back in the day when I had to wear a suit to work - seems so long ago! And I've bought 3 Coach purses, that I resold on eBay for a profit - nice!