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Friday, June 24, 2011

Girls Night Out

Last night I was able to meet the girls for dinner at Salvatore's.  A great, authentic Italian restaurant.  My meal consisted of pinot grigio, a dinner salad, and their Ranch Romano pizza.  Crispy dough layered with ranch dressing, spinach, mushrooms, tomatoes and cheese.  It was perfect and just the right amount.

I went in thinking a pasta dish, but was happy I did this instead, as I didn't leave feeling like a bloated whale.  It was good catching up, laughing and planning our our next dinner for next month.  Yes, we are going to make this a monthly thing!

Anyone else out there plan monthly dinners with friends?  If not you need to.  It makes all the stressors of life just roll away...

Today is my day off and I'm relishing in the fact that I have a three day weekend.  I am loving my new job, the people I'll be working with, and the most important part - what I'll be doing.  Finally....finally....finally....things are turning around.

Did I share what I also did last weekend? Made my strawberry freezer jam! I still have extra jars and another 10lb bag of sugar (what was I thinking?) to use up. If you are a jam lover, you'll need to try this recipe.  It could not be simpler and it takes out the hassle of canning (although I know many of you out there enjoy canning).

We spread it on homemade banana blueberry muffins this morning.  Out of a whole batch (12), I believe 5 are left and it's only mid-morning.  Needless to say the little man and daddy scarfed them down at breakfast!

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  1. Girls nights out are always needed!

  2. I love girls nights out :-)

    My sister's fiance's name is Salvatore. We call him Sal.