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Saturday, July 28, 2012

Burrito Bowls, Drinks and Making Messes

This past week I cooked on television.  Like real television.  With a reporter and camera guy and everything.  It was a ton of fun and I'm looking forward to doing it again.  We made burrito bowls, which are super easy and delicious, and I immediately brought home the leftovers and we ate on this for another two days.

You can find my recipe here.

I also went to Galena, IL with some girlfriends.  I ate this most decadent pasta at Vinny Vanucchi's.  With the air humid and the patio covered in red and white checkered tablecloths, I honestly felt like I was in Italy.  I was in Venice, Italy once in high school and it was probably 120 degrees in the shade.  I'll never forget that.  

A must eat if you ever visit this tourist town.

What beats the heat better than an ice cold cocktail?  I opted for a red wine sangria, which fit the bill.  I could have sat at this table all day chatting with the girls and taking in the touristy (is that a word?) air.  Oh, and snacking on their spicy pretzel mix.  Yum!

So...Oprah lover or hater?  I happen to love her.  And she happens to love Moscow Mule cocktails.  We'll a guy working in the root beer store (yes, they have a store dedicated to all things root beer) told us, this is the ginger beer that Oprah's uses.

Well, since he said that I had to buy two bottles.  They are still chillin' in my fridge, but I plan to make this cocktail soon!

Back to reality.  On the three days a week that I work, I've been drinking this protein smoothie to work.  It's creamy, smooth and doesn't seem at all healthy.  But it is.  I'll be sharing the recipe on my Facebook page later today.

So stay tuned!

Yes, that means go out on Facebook and like my page.  I often post things there that you won't find here!

Oh, and how do I end a post without sharing a pic of this little munchkin this morning?  We have officially put in our first ponytail.  You can barely see it and any amount of strong wind will probably knock it over, but we're trying.

I caught her red-handed emptying her dresser this morning.  She doesn't quite get the concept of putting it BACK yet.  We're working on it.

Now we are off to the library.  My kids are obsessed with books.  Which I loooooovvvvvveeeeee.

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