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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Marinated & Grilled Italian Chicken Sandwich

Sometimes when I am out to eat at a bar and grill, I crave a good grilled chicken sandwich.  It is nothing fancy and quite frankly nothing that I cannot recreate for myself at home.

So that is what I did.

Even the non-cook out there can pull this one off.  It does require you to marinate the chicken (easy) and pull out the barbecue (fairly easy), but after that it is just assembling a sandwich and I'm pretty sure we'll all done that at some point in our lives.

I ate half of this monster Goliath sandwich for dinner the other night.  The husband ate the other half and even the little man gobbled on a few pieces.  It was a hit.  Marinating chicken is the key to a juicy chicken breast, folks.  Otherwise, trust me, it will be dry, dry and more dry.

Marinated & Grilled Italian Chicken Sandwiches
*will make 4-6 large sandwiches
1 lb. boneless, skinless chicken breasts
1 bottle Italian dressing
mozzarella cheese
fresh, homemade or store bought rolls

Prep chicken by rinsing with cold water, trimming off any fat and if you're like me, slicing each breast in half horizontally.  I like thinner chicken breasts!  In a large bowl (with lid) or large tupperware container (with lid), pour in some dressing.  Lay in chicken, cover with remaining dressing.

Put in the fridge and marinate for 24 hours.

When time to eat light up the grill, cook chicken 7-8 minutes a side, topping with cheese last two minutes to melt.  Place buns on grill to toast last minute of grilling.  Assemble as follows: bun, mayo, chicken, tomato, lettuce, bun.


Take a bite and enjoy.  Then dream you are out to eat with friends and one of your little cherubs aren't tugging on your leg for a bite.

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  1. I love chicken marinated in Italian dressing...such an easy and flavorful meal!

  2. Yum! I've also found that brining pork and chicken the night before makes for an extra juicy piece of meat. :D Hugs! Biz

  3. Simple is right up our alley. We are really enjoying grilling during these summer days. This looks delicious!