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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

3 Meat Breakfast Pizza

Yes, you can eat pizza for breakfast!  
And trust me, once you start you will never go back.

3 meat breakfast pizza (sweetandsavoryfood.com)

This post contains affiliate links for your convenience.

If you live in the Midwest, then you know of this convenience store called Casey's General Store. Otherwise known as Casey's to the locals.  It is, in my opinion the best of the best when it comes to gas stations.

We've all been there.  On the road having to PEE and stopping at whatever gas station you see first. You pray, hover and get out of there as fast as you can, hoping your car is still in the parking lot.

Well folks, Casey's is nothing like that.

Every small, medium and large sized town in our neck of the woods has a Casey's and we all thank god for them.  They are clean, good-sized, friendly and have some of the best pizza around.  Including breakfast pizza.

Okay...there is my shout out to Casey's!

3 meat breakfast pizza (sweetandsavoryfood.com)

Of the 1,384 slices of breakfast pizza I've eaten there in my lifetime, I have never made breakfast pizza of my own before.  I have no idea why.  I thought about it often, but never got around to it. When I announced to the kids the other night that I was making breakfast pizza, for dinner nonetheless, I got two blank stares looking back at me.

"So you mean we'll eat it in the morning?"

"No, tonight for dinner"

"Then why is it called breakfast pizza?"

"Because it has eggs on it"



3 meat breakfast pizza (sweetandsavoryfood.com)

In the 25 minutes it took me to make this pizza, I somehow convinced this older child that eggs on the pizza would be okay, edible and delicious.  I may have talked of bacon quite a lot hoping to distract from the egg talk...and well, it seemed to work.

Once a slice hit their plate they were fans.  And so was I!  I took the simple route and used crescent rolls for my base.  I know, I know, I'm always preaching about how easy homemade pizza dough is.  I've linked to my recipe a million times, but I just wanted something simple. I wanted to make this in less than 30 minutes and be done with it.

So send the hate mail....I used CRESCENT ROLLS!

But, the super duper plus side is that they provide a buttery crust that goes perfect with the eggs, bacon, sausage, ham and cheese.

Of course you can use any toppings on this pizza, you certainly don't have to be as extreme as my three meat combo {but it is crazy good}.  This is perfect for dinner but would be even better as a weekend breakfast!

And lastly, hands down I always recommend this Wilton Ceramic Pizza Stone with Handles. It cooks up anything great and the handles have saved my burned fingers numerous times.

3 Meat Breakfast Pizza

1 tube Pillsbury crescent rolls
4 eggs
1/2 c. chopped bacon
1/2 c. ground cooked sausage
1/2 c. chopped ham
1 c. cheddar cheese
1 c. mozzarella cheese
1/8 c. Parmesan cheese

1.  Preheat your oven to 400 degrees.
2.  Grease a pizza baking stone.  Or use a regular baking sheet if you don't have a pizza stone.
3.  Open crescent rolls, unroll and lay down flat making a circle.  Press seams together and spread with your fingers until a 9-inch circle is formed.
4.  In a small bowl combine the eggs, Parmesan cheese, salt and pepper.  Set aside.
5.  Layer on half of the toppings, making a "wall" of toppings towards the edge of the crust.  This will make a "hill" if you will, to prevent the eggs from running off the edge of the pizza.
6.  Gently pour the egg mixture over the pizza and then layer on the remaining toppings.
7.  Bake for 20 minutes or until golden brown.

3 meat breakfast pizza (sweetandsavoryfood.com)

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  1. My dad used to own a pizza restaurant and this sounds just like his breakfast pizza! It was my favorite hangover food :-)

  2. I've never made a breakfast pizza either....must change this soon!!

  3. YUM. And now I am craving breakfast pizza. Thanks for that...

  4. Ally, you had me at pizza. Good any time of day.

  5. Glad it was a hit - and don't be embarrassed about using crescent rolls - you have three small children :D Next you'll need to make them my breakfast nachos! :D

  6. I love this idea...it can even be made the night before and heated for a quick and easy breakfast.

  7. Um, I'm coming over, k? This just made me drool, I ADORE breakfast pizza!

  8. They have Casey's in Arkansas!!!! I love their pizza!!!