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Thursday, January 11, 2024

Hot Honey Crispy Beef Tacos

My Hot Honey Crispy Beef Tacos will be your new favorite way to make tacos!

Slow cooked beef stew meat is the star of the show.

This post is sponsored by the Iowa Beef Council, but all opinions are my own.

A baking sheet with tortillas, slaw, cheese, jalapenos and assembled beef tacos on a white dinner plate.

If I’ve been asked once I’ve been asked a hundred times, what can I do with packages of cubed stew meat in my deep freeze other than making beef stew?

I get it.

I love beef stew. In fact, I have an incredible recipe that uses my Instant Pot to make it a quick meal right here. But I also understand that sometimes we just want something different!

This is the challenge that the Iowa Beef Council and I wanted to help you with – what else can you make with stew meat that isn’t stew?

Cubed beef stew meat on white butcher paper with a plate of Mexican seasonings.

What is stew meat?

Essentially it is a phrase used to describe meat that is cubed, diced or cut into chunks, most often cooked in stew dishes. It can come from a variety of different beef cuts – round, chuck or sirloin – then cooked into a broth or stew with liquid to simmer for a long period of time over low heat so that the meat gets very tender.

To take a deep dive into the stew meat cut you can read more here.

Over the years I’ve also learned that if I cook stew meat in the crockpot, low and slow, with liquids and seasonings it can take on the flavor profile of anything you’d like. And in this case tasty – tacos!

A rimmed baking sheet with white ramekins of toppings - slaw, jalapenos, cheese, hot honey and tortillas.

I wanted to create a taco unlike any other. One that is different, yet fun and full of flavor. Some of the best recipes out there have many dimension and layers to them. Meaning – a sweet bite, as well as a savory bite – all in one.

This taco fits the bill!

I also wanted to make that stew meat special. Some of the best tacos I’ve had use slow cooked meat, yet then right before serving get a crispy element to them from either a griddle or under the broiler. So, I did just that. After cooking this meat (and right before serving) you place it on a rimmed baking sheet underneath the broiler in your oven and let it “crisp up”. This gives the meat a fun texture without losing out on any of the flavor.

Two assembled beef tacos on a white dinner plate.

And let’s talk toppings! There is nothing boring here. I’ve given these beef tacos a sweet element to them, as well as a bit of heat. The best of both worlds.

The spiced meat gets topped with a layer of creamy slaw (whichever kind is your favorite), some salty, crumbled cotija cheese, a few pickled jalapenos (pickled ones aren’t as hot as fresh) and finally a drizzle of sweet, hot honey.

Hot honey is wild on the market right now. You can find many brands and varieties right next to the regular honey in the grocery store or online. Essentially it is regular honey, just with added chilies and vinegar.

This combination is so good!

A close up of the hot honey beef tacos on a white dinner plate.

Serve these as a stand-alone option or with some Mexican rice for dinner the next time you want to change up taco night!

The leftovers are incredible too (trust me) – grab your favorite flour or corn tortillas and let people build them up how they want them. I cannot wait to hear how you guys like them. Who doesn’t love Mexican night?

A collage of beef tacos with fixings on a baking sheet.

Be sure to tag myself (@sweetsavoryeats) and the Iowa Beef Council (@iowabeefcouncil) on Instagram when you make these. We’d love to share your photos!

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Thank you to the Iowa Beef Council for sponsoring this post.

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