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Thursday, April 25, 2024

14 Easy Margarita Recipes

Spring is here, Summer is on the horizon....and that means fun cocktails!
Here are 14 easy margarita recipes you can make for your friends.

A hand holding a grapefruit margarita and glasses of watermelon jalapeno margaritas.

We are close to Cinco de Mayo celebrations and warm, breezy Summer days. And in my opinion nothing beats a cold cocktail to beat that heat.

Slow afternoons on the back patio, casual dinners with your girlfriends, family gatherings in the backyard...they all deserve an easy margarita.

Classic margaritas date back to 1937 when a cocktail book published in the UK first shared a drink consisting of tequila, triple sec and lime juice. Today it has become of the the world's most popular cocktails.

I've hand picked 14 of my favorite variations, all of them EASY, nothing you can't throw together in just a few minutes. I've picked such a variety you'll wonder if there is a margarita for every fruit available!

So let's get started - browse away - find a margarita that looks fun to you!

Pouring a frozen mango margarita into a drinking glass.

Don't forget the chili lime salt to rim the glass on this one. Cubed frozen mango is easy to find and buy at the grocery store. Grab a bag the next time you're there!

Find a distillery near you and grab a bottle of moonshine (this one flavored lemon-lime), it gives this margarita such a unique taste!

Just like traditional sangria this recipes uses red wine, fresh limes and oranges, plus triple sec to give it that margarita spark.

You'll need a bottle of lavender syrup for this one, but it will be worth the trouble and you'll make dozens of batches before it's gone.

A pink cotton candy margarita on a cutting board with sliced limes.

Now this is a fun one for a themed party! Actual, real cotton candy goes into this drink and dissolves into a sweet fun cocktail.

When peach season hits in the Summer, grab six juicy ones and get to work on this batch of margaritas. This recipe makes four large drinks so make sure to invite some friends over.

This one is full of tropical flavors (think coconut, pineapple, lime and orange). This recipe is perfect for one simple cocktail after a long day of work.

This classic margarita gets taken up a notch from the addition of Chambord, a cognac that is infused with berries and vanilla. Such a welcome, refreshing treat!

Watermelon Jalapeno Margaritas with slices of fresh watermelon.

The combination of fresh juicy watermelon and spicy slices of fresh jalapenos, with the addition of lime really does make the best drink.

Not only is this one tasty, it's a gorgeous fuchsia color and perfect for parties. A bottle of prickly pear syrup can be found at any liquor store and will last awhile!

Cream of coconut makes this margarita and will have you dreaming of the beach. Tropical and flavorful, it will become a favorite.

Hand holding a grapefruit margarita.

You'll never believe that sparkling water is an ingredient in this fun margarita! Fresh grapefruit juice and the salted rimmed make for the perfect sip.

How about a pitcher of BEER margaritas? Ever heard of such a thing? Perfect for a hot Summer day they are tangy and delicious.

Sweet and tart blood oranges give these frozen margaritas a great color - they know how to show off. Make sure to rim the glasses with sugar on this one.

Watermelon jalapeno margaritas & grapefruit margaritas

Alright, which one are you trying first?

Plan that party, grab your girlfriends or just test one out at home to try.

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  2. The coconut margarita sounds perfect for summer. I’m definitely going to experiment with these recipes this weekend. Cheers!
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