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Thursday, May 2, 2024

Sun Dried Tomato & Pesto Pizza

A delicious Summer inspired pizza full of robust tomato and pesto flavors.
Grab the ingredients for this one!

Sun Dried Tomato & Pesto Pizza on parchment paper with green pesto on a spoon.

One of my favorite dinners (or lunches) to make is no doubt, pizza. I love how you can top it with whatever you like, nothing is off limits....pizza is so fun!

Over the years I have made so many variations, many of them your favorites too. My Nacho Taco Pizza is always a hit. My Reuben Pizza gets big reviews around St. Patrick's Day. People always have fun with my Crab Rangoon Pizza. And my love of alfredo sauce makes this Chicken Bruschetta Pizza a fun one for parties.

Pizza doesn't have to be boring, I'm always making it fun.

A jar of basil pesto and a jar of sun dried tomatoes and sliced mozzarella cheese on a cutting board.

A few weeks back I went to a friend's surprise birthday party at an Italian restaurant. We all ordered a handful of pizzas and appetizers to share. One delicious hot appetizer was a sun dried tomato chicken dip covered in fresh mozzarella cheese and served alongside fresh pita slices.

It was sooooooooooo tasty.

And naturally, being a food blogger, I dreamed about putting some of those ingredients on a pizza. In this case sun dried tomatoes, basil pesto and fresh mozzarella cheese.

A jar of basil pesto next to a slice of pizza on a white plate.

Sun dried tomatoes are tomatoes that have generally lost 80-90% of their original weight due to the process of drying. You can certainly make your own, but it's just as easy to buy a jar at the grocery store. There are more often than not stored in olive oil for freshness. They are sweet and chewy and darn delicious.

Pesto, can also be made easily with the abundance of fresh basil in the Summer, but again you can easily buy it at the store as well. The flavor is robust - basil, Parmesan cheese, pine nuts and olive oil.

Once you've secured the jar of pesto and the jar of sun dried tomatoes, you are halfway done with making this pizza.

A hand holding a slice of sun dried tomato & pesto pizza.

I used a store bought thin crust pizza dough for my version, but I'll often us my homemade dough as well - both work great! It's up to you.

The combination of fresh flavors on this pizza is amazing. It's like a garden explosion, if you will. I can see myself making this weekly during the Summer.

A collage of sun dried tomato & pesto pizza on parchment paper.

So are you already planning a trip to the grocery store to grab ingredients for this one? If not, plan on it soon. I cannot wait to see your creations!

Be sure to tag me (@sweetsavoryeats) and I'll share your version with my fans too.

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