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Thursday, May 23, 2024

Prosciutto & Egg Breakfast Tart

Just 5 ingredients to make this beautiful Prosciutto & Egg Breakfast Tart.

Easy to make and looks pretty for your guests!

This post is sponsored by the Iowa Egg Council, but all opinions are my own.

Prosciutto & Egg Breakfast Tart on a white dinner plate.

We are an egg loving household, always have been. The constant statement I’ll hear, “we’re almost out of eggs!”. Between the kids and the husband, we eat a LOT of eggs. Whether for breakfast, in baked goods or to make an easy dinner they are often served at our house.

Did you know Iowa is the #1 egg producing state in the country? Honestly, there is a good chance the eggs you ate for breakfast are from an Iowa farm.

Today I’ve partnered with the Iowa Egg Council to share a fun, easy, yet might I say “fancy looking” new recipe with you!

Ingredients for breakfast tart on a wooden cutting board; eggs, chives, cheese, puff pastry, prosciutto.

Over the years we’ve created many tasty recipes with Iowa Egg – a lot of them many of your favorites! Remember my Healthy Pumpkin Pancakes? They are always a big hit during the Fall. And my Loaded Breakfast Burritos are a Mom favorite as they are easy to prep and have on hand for quick breakfasts.

I have no doubt this new, pretty tart will be one you enjoy too.

Eggs wrapped in prosciutto sitting on puff pastry with cheese grater and cheese on wooden cutting board.

Frozen puff pastry sheets make this recipe a breeze – it comes frozen, thaws in 40 minutes or so and is easy to fold out and use however you like. In this case, I layered salty, thin prosciutto (you can also use ham) and placed four pieces into circles creating little wells for the eggs to sit in.

Let the kids crack the egg and gently drop it into those wells! It’s kind of fun. Then sprinkle with a generous amount of Gruyere cheese, salt, and pepper.

Bake for 20 minutes, or until that puff pastry gets nice, golden, and puffy. Honestly, this tart looks gorgeous before it goes in the oven and after. Such a statement piece.

Aerial view of breakfast tart on parchment paper and a piece on a white dinner plate.

I sprinkled this tart with fresh chives from my garden right before serving – but any herb will do if you choose – parsley, basil, oregano, etc.

Just look at how pretty it turns out!

I love how even though the puff pastry looks fancy, the eggs steal the show in my opinion. They cook up perfectly in just 20 minutes – slightly firm, pairing perfectly with the salty prosciutto.

Eggs are a nutritional powerhouse, with one egg containing 6 grams of high-quality protein and all nine essential amino acids, for only 70 calories. Pair a slice of this tart, with some tangy yogurt, fresh fruit and coffee, and your breakfast will be the star of the day.

Slice of breakfast tart cut into with a fork on a white dinner plate.

Golly, this tart is so delicious!

The buttery puff pastry crust, the creamy egg, the nutty Gruyere, the thin, flavorful prosciutto, and the oniony chives. All of it together makes for a well-rounded bite.

Are you ready to make this soon for a lazy weekend breakfast? Perhaps when guests stay over? A nice breakfast for Mom in bed? All are great options.

Collage of breakfast tart photos; eggs on puff pastry with prosciutto and chives.

A big thanks to the Iowa Egg Council for sponsoring this post. They have long been more friends than partners. We both cannot wait to see your breakfast tart creation! Be sure to tag us both on socials (@sweetsavoryeats) and (@iowa_egg) so we can share your photos.

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