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Thursday, May 30, 2024

15 Amazon Finds for Moms This Summer

It's the start of Summer and us Moms need to stick together!
During this busy season I decided to hand pick my favorite Amazon products for Mom.

A college of Amazon products for Moms this Summer.

The start of Summer is always fun and exciting. The kids are ready, us Moms are ready....it's a time for longer days, more sun and a little relaxing.

But being prepared for Summer is also a thing! If you are a Mom like me, I have three very busy kids - sports camps, church camps, vacations, practices, games at the ball diamond, reading programs - just SO much is going on. A lot of time is spent in the car, packing for the car or wishing you had brought something to stash in the car. 

I've put together this list FOR MOMS. We kinda make the world go round when it comes to organizing our families lives and over the years I've settled on a few products that make our life a little easier and more comfortable.

So here we go! So do some shopping right here and get prepped for Summer.

I have a friend in town who wears this neck fan everywhere. Anytime outside at parties, ball games or on a walk she is wearing it. Did you know the one place on your body that gets overheated quickly is around your neck? This portable, rechargeable neck fan is ideal to have on hand for hot Summer days.

Portable Neck Fan

Whether you having a picnic, at a sandy beach or enjoying a ball game - this travel, waterproof picnic mat is the way to go. It rolls up easy with straps for compact travel and it's made of water resistant material that is easy to wipe off as needed. Keep it in your car all Summer long!

Travel Picnic Mat

In the month of June we have about one million ball games to attend during the prime heating of the day. I'm loving this sports umbrella! This shade clamps onto any chair or wagon and offers 50 SPF UV protection. Easy to transport as it folds up and can fit into any bag.

Sports Umbrella

In the Summer we are in and out of the water, hopping on boats, slathering on sunscreen and working outside. We are getting dirty! These silicone bands are popular to wear in replacement of your wedding bands so to not risk losing or damaging your precious stones. They come in a seven pack with a variety of colors!

Summer is all about having fun, but it's also about us Moms being tired at the end of the day and serving popcorn for supper. This microwave popcorn popper is darn cute, but also efficient. You put the popcorn seeds in the pot and a pad of butter in the lid. The microwave does all the work!

Microwave popcorn maker

I bought this glass water pitcher last month and have been loving it! I keep it in the fridge with slices of fresh lemons and limes. Nothing beats a cold, refreshing glass of water when you walk in the door from being outside all day. And double fun, it's so pretty!

Glass water pitcher

An internet friend recommended these bug patches and I'm willing to give them a try! These sticker patches are infused with citronella oil and can be stuck to anything - clothing, shoes, backpacks, strollers, purses and more. Great to keep on hand in the car when traveling - those darn bugs are everywhere!

Mosquito Patches

I have these "pillow" sandals in white and they are like walking on a cloud. And not to mention they are cute! Hey Moms, we are walking around a LOT during the Summer, I'm often getting well over 10,000 steps in one day. Let's keep our feet cute and comfortable.

Pillow Sandals

I have a goal this Summer to be better at prepping fruits and vegetables for the kids (and myself). This divided veggie tray is perfect to keep them prepped and at the ready in the fridge. Because guess what? Kids will eat all the fresh fruits and vegetables if they are ready to grab. Plus, this tray has a lid!

Divided Veggie Tray

I've been using this sunscreen on my kids since last year. All three are outside a ton in the Summer with baseball, softball, football and sand volleyball. I like this version as it's oil-free (hello, teenagers) and it gives them great coverage with an SPF of 70.

sports sunscreen

I recently got an Audible Membership through Amazon and I love it! You all know how much I love to read, and hands down holding a book is my favorite, but I do often find myself in the car driving to games or on walks and I love listening to books as well. This membership gives me one audiobook a month (you can choose different packages). Sometimes listening to a book fits better in my schedule in the Summer!

Audible Membership

Yes, I realize I have two popcorn items on this list, but nothing beats this deal. I've shared it many times this year. You get 40 packs for around $20, it's a steal of a deal. Kids are always hungry the moment we leave the house, so these bags are nice to have on hand for quick snacks. The variety pack is the best!

SmartFood Popcorn Pack

Backyard barbecues and parties are NOT fun when the flies and bugs are lingering on all of our delicious food. These fly fans take care of that! Battery powered, they are great to set on tables to keep the air flowing and those pesky bugs away.

Fly fans for tables

You know what cures any bad mood in kids? A popsicle! Yes, you can easily buy them at the grocery store, but why not make your own at home with this easy mold. Fill them with yogurt, fresh fruit or any variety of juices (apple, grape, etc.) for a delicious frozen treat when the Summer gets hot.

Popsicle Molds

What's worse than a dying phone battery? Not much! Especially when you are stuck on a boat, at a ball field or the passenger on a road trip. This portable phone charger is compatible with any phone and holds a charge well. Keep it tucked away in your purse for easy access.

Portable phone charger

15 Amazon Finds for Moms This Summer

Are you loving this Summer list for Moms? 

I hope you found something you need. Tuck all these fun goodies away for some Summer shopping!

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