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Thursday, June 6, 2024

Million Dollar Boat Dip

If you are hitting the beach, the waves or on a boat this Summer, make this dip!
It's just 6 ingredients and comes together quick.

Million Dollar Boat Dip in a white handled pan with Ritz Crackers.

I've been making this dip for years and years, but like many recipes I've failed to publish it on the blog. Until today! 

Now that Summer has unofficially hit I thought about this dip last week and made a point to style it and take some photos for all of you while whipping up another batch. It really is soooooo good. I dare you to not have just one bite!

A stainless steel bowl with bacon, cheddar cheese, chives, cream cheese and sour cream.

A child can make this dip - it's just six ingredients! Throw everything into a bowl, mix and refrigerate. We love to eat it with Ritz crackers, but any cracker will do - also great with carrot sticks or sliced cucumbers.

All you will need is sour cream, cream cheese, cheddar cheese, bacon bits, garlic powder and fresh chives (you could also use green onions, both work). I like to refrigerate it for at least one hour before serving to let all the flavors come together, but if you need to serve right away that is fine too.

Million Dollar Boat Dip with Ritz crackers in a while bowl on a green towel.

I've often said "dips" are my love language.

Give me a tray of appetizers and dips and I'll call it a dinner. Over the years you guys have love so many of my dip recipes. Here are a few top contenders.

Up close shot of million dollar dip in a white bowl with crackers.

This is a great dip for taking on a boat (obviously). It keeps for a few days nicely in the fridge and can easily be packed in the cooler for hot Summer days. 

Remember to bring Ritz crackers!

It's a great snack after swimming all afternoon. Perfect for kids and adults alike to munch on before dinner is served.

Collage of Million Dollar Boat dip on a white plate with Ritz crackers.

Let me see your Million Dollar Boat Dip photos! I'd love to share them on my socials. This dip is so fun and always a crowd pleaser - bring it to your next party.

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