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Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Top 10 Recipes of 2019

It's been a great 2019 for Ally's Sweet & Savory Eats!
Thank you for riding along, let's take a look back at this year's biggest recipes.

top 10 recipes of 2019

One of my favorite things to do at the end of the year is to log into my Google Analytics account and see which recipes soared and which recipes tanked.  And yes, there are always a couple that tank!  Not everything becomes a world wide web hit and that's okay....you live and learn.

I grabbed my Top 10, plus a couple honorable mentions for fun - it's always neat to see what recipes you guys loved.  Some hands down, always surprise me and others are a dead giveaway.

I'd love to hear what you made of mine and loved!  Shoot me a message in the comments or tag me on Instagram and I'll be sure to share your photos and your comments.  Feedback is the only way I know what you like!

Let's dive in.


top 10 recipes of 2019 crockpot dill pickle bacon cheeseburger soup

My Crockpot Dill Pickle Bacon Cheeseburger Soup was showcased back in October and even the pickle haters wanted to try it!  It's everything you love on a classic cheeseburger but in soup form.  It's cheesy, salty, hearty and filling.

Not only are their chopped pickles in the soup, but also pickle juice.  That tangy brine helps offset the rich cheese - it really is the perfect combo!


top 10 recipes of 2019 peanut butter energy balls

Last winter these Peanut Butter Energy Balls become a fan favorite, I do believe because it was that time of year when many of us were searching for healthier eats and snacks to get us through the day.  These are the answer!

They are the perfect afternoon pick-me-up to tide you over until dinner.  Made with dates, oats and peanut {that's really it!} they come together easy in a food processor and keep well in the freezer.  Perfect for grabbing on the run.


top 10 recipes of 2019 savory ham and cheese dutch baby

Anything with eggs always goes over well on my blog.  You people love your eggs!  This fun take on a savory pancake is great to prep for breakfasts for the week or even dinner.  My Savory Ham & Cheese Dutch Baby is also a great excuse to get out that cast iron skillet.

You could really fill this up with anything {peppers, mushrooms, sausage, etc.} and each and every time it will turn out light, fluffy and darn delicious.


top 10 recipes of 2019 sweet glazed ham ball sliders

My original ham ball recipe continues to bring in a ton of pageviews, but this past year when I made this fun new version, my Sweet Glazed Ham Ball Sliders, you all went nuts.

I love to make anything into sandwich form.  When I made this ham ball slider patty with a super sweet glaze and sat them on top of grilled pineapple and a Hawaiian bun, well, it was just a match made in heaven.

These are perfect for summer grilling parties!


top 10 recipes of 2019 cast iron skillet biscuits with honey butter

Again, you people seem to love the cast iron skillet.  I don't blame you!  These Cast Iron Skillet Biscuits with Honey Butter are so easy to make and accompany so many meals {our favorites include soups, scrambled eggs and along side pasta}.

These take less than 40 minutes start to finish and give you slightly crispy edges, with a tender, flaky inside.  Pretty much the best biscuit ever!


top 10 recipes of 2019 23 sheet pan meals

Meal planning and food round-up posts ALWAYS do well.  People love to read one post that includes a ton of like-minded recipes.

My 23 Sheet Pan Meals post was no exception.  Who doesn't love a dinner that only requires one pan, yet can cook/bake multiple items?  We all do.  Sheet Pan meals are easy, with minimal clean up and can feed a crowd.


top 10 recipes of 2019 loaded healthy freezer friendly breakfast burritos

Eggs again!  My Loaded Healthy Freezer Friendly Breakfast Burritos are filling and tasty.  Anytime I get in a meal prepping mood these are made.  We not only eat them for quick breakfasts before school, but for dinner too!

Filled with sausage, spinach, eggs, peppers and parmesan cheese - the flavor is amazing.  I wrapped these up in low-carb tortillas and dosed them in hot sauce.  They stay fresh in the freezer for up to 3 months, but never last that long.


top 10 recipes of 2019 25 air fryer recipes

Another great round-up post!

I feel like most people bought or received an Air Fryer in 2019 and therefore this post went bonkers.  You can literally cook anything in it - burgers, cakes, steaks, french fries - the list goes on and on.

People love Air Fryers as they use no oil, yet give you that crispy texure like it was.  Pretty much can't beat that!  This post features 25 Air Fryer Recipes, a neat combination of main dishes, sides and desserts.


top 10 recipes of 2019 pumpkin cinnamon roll coffee cake

My Pumpkin Cinnamon Roll Coffee Cake just might be my favorite recipe of 2019.  As soon as I posted it, I was bombarded with comments and accolades.

It only went a few months ago, but rushed up to #2 pretty quick.  It has your favorite pumpkin flavor stuffed into your other favorite flavor - the cinnamon roll.  The two married and had this beautiful baby.  It feeds a big crowd and stays fresh for DAYS.


top 10 recipes of 2019

Yes, I know, my book isn't technically a recipe....but it still came in at #1!

I released my book Bread & Butter in early September of this year.  My first round of copies sold out in 6 days.  I have since reordered two more times.  It's been a hit and a blessing in 2019.

You can read all about this book process HERE.  Plus see what other kitchen product I placed in my store back in October HERE.  Selling items of mine this year has been a new venture, but a fun one.

You can order your book HERE, just in time for the New Year.

top 10 recipes of 2019

From the bottom of my heart, thank you for continuing to support my food blog, now 10 years running.  You are all a great blessing and one of the main reasons I continue writing and cooking.  I hope you enjoyed 2019!

Here's looking at you 2020.

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