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Famous Banana Bread Flour Sack Heirloom Towel

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After 10 years of food blogging there is one recipe that everyone keeps coming back to - one recipe that friends and family always ask for - one recipe that never receives bad reviews. My banana bread is a bit locally famous. It feels odd typing that but it's true! This simple quick bread is what I bring for school snacks. It's what I drop off at the neighbor's when I've baked too many loaves. It's simply put - the BEST banana bread around.

Rich buttermilk, real butter, honey and well, of course, bananas come together in the most moist, tender, sweet and slightly sticky bread that is great for snacks, breakfast or even a late night snack. This quick bread has become everyone's favorite. Once I finally got the measurements right almost 10 years ago, I stopped working at it. I tucked it away and it's become a mainstay.

When my designer Regan suggested I create a flour sack heirloom towel I was on board. I didn't need to think twice about what recipe it would feature. I hand wrote out the recipe for her and she designed the towel. Yes, that is my handwriting! For that, this towel seems so special. When people make the recipe, they'll think of me. They'll think of when they were first introduced to this sweet treat.

This towel makes the cutest gift to someone special in your life. Perfect for holiday, birthday and "you-just-need-a-pick-me-up" gifts.


♥ 28X29 (size can vary slightly)
♥ American flour sack cotton
♥ Very absorbent!
♥ Made in the USA
♥ Comes folded and packaged with a belly band

Or consider a local pickup to save on shipping costs!