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Bread & Butter: Embracing the Practicalities of Life, While Making Time for What Matters

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What do you think of when someone says bread & butter? Do you immediately taste the spongy loaf and the salty, creamy butter?  I do.  I can taste all the richness.  Both go together like socks and shoes.

They are a team.

Bread is the practicalities of life (schedules, work, mortgages), but the butter is what makes your life full (your children's laughter, hearty soups on a chilly night, Friday night football games, a crisp glass of wine on your back porch).  The bread is okay by itself, but adding butter makes for the most delicious life.  Bread will sustain us and hold us up, it will wake us up each morning to our various responsibilities, but does it fill us up?  No. But when you add the butter to that bread, life gets real.  Life turns into a wonderful roller coaster of happiness.

Life becomes full.

I created this meal planner, shopping list and recipe book because frankly I needed one for myself (and because no publisher would sign me).  I wanted something that I could tuck into my purse when on the run, especially at the grocery store.  Something to keep our busy life organized and my family members happy!  It's a great space to jot ideas, keep a running list of needed items and find meal ideas for when your brain has turned to mush.

I hope this book gets carried with you to all your "butter" events.  I cannot wait to see photos of it as you're waiting for baseball games to start or it sitting on your kitchen table while you plan out your week's dinners.  It was made so that you can stay on top of life without missing out on the best adventures.  Use it as a tool to stay organized, but then tuck it away when it's time for family movie night to start.

Let's enjoy this ride called LIFE.  Let's enjoy our BUTTER.


No, I intentionally left dates off this meal planning section, as I personally know how crazy our days can get. I didn't want you to get busy, forget a week and then feel guilty about that blank section. Just use it when you can!
Yes! All recipes included in this book, are our tried and true favorites. Each recipe is also published on my food blog. So if you're looking for an accompanying photo - head to sweetandsavoryfood.com
Of course not, I use that section for whatever I need to write down in the moment. When on the go, if I think of something - this is the place I jot it down! It's a great place for grocery lists too, don't get me wrong - but think of it as a "note" section and use it however is best for you.
That's like picking a favorite child! But if I had to choose, a few favorites are the lasagna soup (so easy during the cold winter months), the chopped blt caesar salad (my summer staple) and the 1-month refrigerator muffins (kids love them!).
YES. I designed this book so it can fit in most purses, get tucked into a work bag or can easily sit on counters or desks and not be an eye sore. Be prepared to for it to get well-worn!