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Thursday, August 4, 2022

Cucumber Salsa

In the heat of the Summer I always make this Cucumber Salsa!
It's unique and different and down right addicting.

Hand holding tortilla chip with cucumber salsa on it.

Summer is all about salsa {let's be honest salsa season is year round for me}, but in the Summer the ingredients are as fresh as can be, so it just tastes BETTER.

Who is in agreement with me?

Over the years I've gone on and on and on about Easy Blender Salsa recipe with you guys. The one I make weekly and eat by the gallons. It's traditional and tastes eerily similar to the kind you get at a Mexican restaurant with bottomless chips. And you guys have also come around to my Roasted Green Blender Salsa that is more tangy and fun.

Yellow bowl on wooden cutting board filled with chopped veggies.

Now, this Cucumber Salsa....I first showed you in 2015, but it desperately needed a revamp, so earlier this week I made it again {yippee!} and took new photos. Photos that are brighter and show off the vibrant colors in this salsa.

This recipe is extremely easy. In fact as easy as dice, dump and stir. If you can handle those three easy steps then you're already on your way. The one trick I always tell people is - to dice up all the veggies nice and small. No big chunks! It gives it more of a "salsa" texture. 

And there are only six ingredients all together - so no excuses with this one!

Hand holding tortilla chip topped with cucumber salsa, in background white ramekin holding salsa.

The vinegar in this dish makes it light and fresh and a bit tangy and slightly sweet and just down right amazing.

And the ranch seasoning packet gives it a TON of flavor. Never underestimate the power of a ranch seasoning packet! I have no shame in using those in a variety of recipes.

After chopping and stirring {really about 5 minutes of prep work} set this salsa in the fridge to marinate for at least two hours and let those flavors all come together. Honestly, it just gets better the longer it sits in the fridge!

So instead of dreading all the cucumbers coming from your garden - dread it no more. Grab two and make this salsa soon. Oh, and don't forget the chips.

Hand holding tortilla chip with cucumber salsa on it.

Do me a favor.

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I cannot wait to hear what you think!

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