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Thursday, August 18, 2022

Oreo Stuffed Chocolate Chip Cookies

I took my favorite chocolate chip cookie dough and wrapped it around an Oreo cookie.
You're welcome.

Collage of cookie photos. Oreo sandwiches between cookie dough. Cookies on a wire cooling rack. Cookie cut in half with Oreo in the middle.

Doesn't everyone dream about stuffing cookies with other cookies?

It might just be me.

I woke up last week thinking of these cookies. It's what I do - dream about food apparently. It's nothing new, I've been doing it for years. These dreams often turn into some of my best recipes! And once again, this dreamed up recipe did not disappoint.

Hand holding cookie dough sandwiched around on Oreo cookie.

Back in 2019 I debuted "the only chocolate chip cookie recipe you'll ever need". It has a long title, but that title is worth it because it really is the only chocolate chip cookie recipe you'll ever need. I've actually turned many friends onto this recipe after they've used the same one from their Grandma for the past 30 years.

Sorry Grandma.

Anyway, I knew it'd be the cookie dough to use. I often mix up it the day before baking, cover it and stick it in the fridge until the next day. I always think dough tastes better the longer it sits?

Oreo Stuffed Chocolate Chip Cookie cut in half on a wooden cutting board.

These cookies have the perfect texture - slightly crispy on the edges, but soft and chewy in the middle - with the hidden surprise of an oreo!

This recipe makes 24 big cookies {because think about it, you are essentially wrapping two pieces of cookie dough around that Oreo}, so they bake up nice and big. Double the fun, right?

The Oreo inside gets just a little bit soft, which is awesome because then when you bite into the center of the cookie, it melts right in your mouth. Grab a glass of milk for dunking and OH MY WORD it gets even better.

Cookies cooling on a black wire cooling rack.

Look at these gorgeous beauties!

They are the perfect combo of sweet, with a tad of saltiness {don't ever forget salt in your cookie dough!} and surprising with that Oreo middle. Giving them even just 15 minutes of cooling time on a rack will firm them up nice. This dough I've found stays fresh for days in an airtight container, so they are easy to bake up a day or two ahead of time if needed.

And have you ever microwaved a cookie for 5-10 seconds to get it all warm and gooey again?

Trust me, TRY IT.

Collage of cookie photos. Oreo sandwiches between cookie dough. Cookies on a wire cooling rack. Cookie cut in half with Oreo in the middle.

I cannot wait to hear how much you love these!

Send this recipe to all your chocolate chip cookie and Oreo lovers. They'd really appreciate a delivery to their door - trust me - I did that and they were wow'd.

If you love them as much as my family did, please leave a star rating review below. These reviews help me tremendously!

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