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Thursday, August 25, 2022

Layered BLT Dip

Take a look at my deconstructed BLT!
This dip version is a great party appetizer and tastes just like the really thing.

A collage photo of a hand holding a baguette slice with dip on it. Bottom photo shows the whole bowl of BLT Dip.

If you have been around for any amount of time then you know my obsession with BLT's. They are my go to sandwich in the Summer. Quite frankly if I could find a good tomato in the winter I'd eat them then too.

I just love the combination of a great toasted bread, lettuce, mayo, crisp bacon and a juicy red tomato. Add a little salt and pepper to that tomato and it just makes it amazing.

I often keep them traditional, but if I have a ripe avocado on hand I'll add that too. If I need something a bit heartier I'll add a fried egg. And every once in awhile I'll add sliced turkey or ham as well and just make it the ultimate sandwich.

Photo of the BLT Dip and knife on a wooden circle cutting board with individual bites next to it.

Last week I went and taped a few segments for Hello Iowa, a Des Moines based morning show/news station. I've been their often and always have fun when I'm there. You can view that taping here.

This time I showcased these perfect cherry-on-the-vine Bushel Boy tomatoes in two different appetizers. I made my famous Easy Blender Salsa {always a request} and then I made this Layered BLT Dip.

I got the idea after seeing it somewhere {I can't quite remember}, but anyway I made up my own version here and it was a hit! Think of it like a "deconstructed BLT". All the same fixings with a twist, layered in a bowl eaten as a dip.

Think you can get on board?

A closeup shot of a hand holding a bite of the BLT Dip on a baguette slice, with the bowl of the dip in the background.

The bottom layer is a mixture of mayo, Parmesan cheese and cream cheese. Then that is layered with shredded iceberg lettuce, bacon bits {or chopped cooked bacon} and juicy, quartered cherry tomatoes. You serve it with sliced toasted baguettes {if they are rubbed with garlic even better} but plain works just fine too.

Then you let your guests slather that dip on with a knife and watch their eyes roll back into their head. It gives you the most delicious bite!

It's crispy, crunchy AND creamy. The ultimate trifecta.

Grey bowl of BLT Dip on a flowered tea towel next to a blue basket of toasted baguette slices.

A couple things I love about this dip.

That bottom layer can be mixed up a couple days ahead of time and just hang out until ready. Then when time to serve you just layer on the toppings.

Also, it's a GREAT party appetizer. One that guests will love! And most certainly ask for the recipe {which in my opinion is hardly a recipe at all}.

A collage photo of a hand holding a baguette slice with dip

So are you ready to try my Layered BLT Dip?

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Thank you!

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