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Thursday, August 11, 2022

Cheesy Stuffed Mushrooms

We've been eating these stuffed mushrooms for years!
Time to share with you - a delicious and flavorful appetizer that's easy to make.

Collage of stuffed mushrooms....stainless steel bowl of cheese stuffing, mushrooms lined up on a tray and stuffed mushrooms plated in a grey bowl.

Do you like mushrooms?

For most it's a love or hate vegetable - and that's okay! I love them and always have. I think it's because growing up every single time we ordered pizza as a family, one pizza pie was ALWAYS sausage and mushroom. Always.

And we ate a lot of pizza growing up, therefore I ate a lot of mushrooms.

On top of that, my Mom always made these mushrooms around the holidays, especially in recent years. I think I've tweaked her recipe a bit, but they are generally the same.

Wooden cutting board with button mushrooms and bowl of stuffed cheese mixture.

A sleeping baby could probably make these mushrooms, they are that simple!

Grab a package of button mushrooms from the store, mix a few ingredients together, stuff them to the brim and bake! Honestly, they could not be easier.

Over the years I've experimented with stuffing them with all sorts of foods - crab, lobster, pickled jalapenos, pulled pork - but more often than not I keep it the same and just add the chopped bacon to the cheese mixture.

No one ever complains!

Stainless steel baking tray lined with stuffed mushrooms.

Did you know to never fully rinse mushrooms? 

They are like a sponge so if you run them under cold water, they absorb that water and well.....become watery! And you don't want that. To clean them simply damp a paper towel with a bit of water and wipe them off. Mushrooms always have a bit of dirt of them {that's normal}, so just gently wipe it off and they'll be ready.

Then by pulling out the stem, the mushrooms will have a perfectly centered well to stuff them to the gills.

A fork holding a bite of a stuffed mushroom.

Oh my word, these are tasty!

Super cheesy, garlicky, almost with a meaty texture to them from the mushroom and FULL of flavor. They make the perfect side dish or party appetizer.

They also freeze well! This recipe makes a batch of 21 stuffed mushrooms. I ended up baking half of them and freezing the other half for another night. They can be baked straight from the freezer, no need to even thaw.

Collage of stuffed mushrooms....stainless steel bowl of cheese stuffing, mushrooms lined up on a tray and stuffed mushrooms plated in a grey bowl.

I hope you guys print this one off and stuff it away for safe keeping. I promise your family {or guests as they are great for a party} will love them. They are great to eat straight from the oven or at room temperature.

I'd love a star rating review below on the recipe card if you have an extra moment! Those reviews help others to know if they should make them.

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