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Friday, May 6, 2011

Easy Ways to Jazz Up a Boxed Brownie Mix

Lets be honest.  Most people don't make brownies from scratch.  Even I take the help of a boxed mix now and then.  Between work, kids, a house, dogs, and well...life, sometimes it is just easier to dump the boxed mix in a bowl and call it good.

But, there are ways to jazz them up a little.  People will think you slaved, when really you didn't.

Dark Chocolate Mint & Pecan Brownies

We had some family over mid-week to visit the little miss and little man.  Can't have company without a dessert right?

Oh wait, maybe that is just my rule.

The night before I took some help from my Facebook fans and asked what simple dessert ideas they had.  My good, long time friend, Maja, gave me some inspiration.  Like her, she tends to shy away from boxed mixes, but when in a pinch she said she adds Andes mints to a boxed brownie mix.


So I headed to the store and picked up a bag of dark chocolate and mint pieces (I know!) and some chopped pecans.  That in turn made these:

There is only one left.  The husband and I are both eyeing it.  Wonder who will in?

Here are some other genius ways to jazz up brownies:
  • Stir together 8 oz. cream cheese and 1/2 cup of jam.  Pour half of the brownie batter into the pan, then add cream cheese mixture and the remaining batter.  Bake.
  • Try my Rocky Road Brownies
  • Take a jar of your favorite caramel, again pour in between the layers of brownie batter and bake.
  • Bake brownies and remove from oven with 5 minutes remaining - top with shredded coconut, nuts and chocolate chips.  Bake remaining 5 minutes until done.
  • Bake brownies, once cooled, top with whipped cream and fresh fruit.

Which jazzed up brownie would you want to try?

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  1. I think I'd have to go for that caramel brownie! I love the idea of jazzing up a boxed mix when time is of the essence!

  2. I would want to try the caramel ones! Brownies are one of my favourite sweet treats.

  3. These are great tips! Thanks for sharing them

  4. well I wanna try the ones with all the bad-for-you-but-wonderful-things in them, but I think I should try the fruit ones ;) I'm gonna make homemade coconut butter soon, so it might be fun to do choco-lime brownies drizzled with coconut butter ;)

  5. I need to try adding Andes mints! YUM!

    I will confess....I'm a huge fan of boxed brownies. I'd choose to eat those over homemade brownies 9 times out of 10! :)

  6. These are great tips! Thanks for sharing them