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Monday, August 8, 2011

Amish Friendship Bread

I recently finished reading the book Friendship Bread.  An easy, but good read.  It tells how a small town comes together, amongst many different circumstances, all because of something called Amish Friendship Bread.

Unless you've been living under a rock for the past 20 years, I think it's safe to assume you've probably heard of Amish Friendship Bread.  Rumor has it a Girl Scout Troop in Buffalo, NY started this little adventure, not the Amish.  You can read all about this bread here.  And even purchase a copy of the book here.

Basically, it is like a sourdough bread starter, and is often shared with friends and family in the sorts of a chain letter.  I know - you are probably running away right now!

There is a process to this bread, and I fondly remember receiving bags of starter growing up, and baking the bread 10 days later.  A common cycle is based on the addition of one cup each of sugar, flour, and milk every five days, with bread baked and extra starter shared every tenth day. The ten-day cycle produces five cups of starter, which must be either used to bake bread, given away, or used to start a new cycle. A common suggestion is to bake one loaf of bread, give away three cups of starter, and to save the remaining one for the next cycle.

Sound complicated?  It's not.  Here is my starter on Day 2.

I'll be back in 8 days with a much prettier picture.  And a stomach full of yummy bread.  If anyone local would like a bag of starter please leave a comment and I'll be happy to pass one along.

Don't leave me yet!  I do need to announce the winner of my Peeled Snacks Giveaway.  A big thanks to this neat company for hosting the giveaway and to all that entered.

Drum roll.....

Mellissa....from a A Fit and Spicy Life.  Shoot me an email Mellissa and I'll have the folks at Peeled Snacks get your prize out right away.

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  1. I love Amish Friendship Bread! A few years ago, I got a starter bag and baked some. Funny story though - my hubby and I went on vacation to Lake Powell when we were supposed to be looking after our bread, so we brought it with us! However, after a day of being gone for about 10 hours and the heat, we came back to our hotel room to find that it had exploded all over everything. :)

  2. I wish I lived closer! I'd totally be in for a starter! I love Amish Friendship Bread!!

  3. You used to live fairly close:)! I have the recipe to make the starter, if you want it just let me know!

  4. I have never been given friendship bread. My mom has and she swears it was the best bread she's ever had.

  5. Jolene (Everydayfoodie)August 9, 2011 at 2:14 AM

    I made a friendship bread before and it was really good.

  6. how fun! my mum did this a few times when i was young. oh memories!

  7. Thanks for posting about Friendship Bread! Stop over and enter the NOOK giveaway. It ends 8/31 on the Friendship Bread Kitchen Website. http://www.friendshipbreadkitchen.com/pantry/win-a-nook