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Sunday, September 11, 2011

It's That Time Again, Homemade Baby Food

The little miss will be 6 months old in just a couple of weeks.  In my house that means baby food time.  Homemade baby food.  I explained this process when I made it for the little man, gosh, just about a year and a half ago.  You can read all about it here.

Needless to say, yesterday I was up to my elbows in pureed butternut squash, sweet potatoes and green beans.

I am not here to promote making your own baby food (although I strongly suggest it), but more to give reasons why you should if you so choose.

1.  It's cheaper.  Why buy one measly jar for 80 cents when you can buy a sweet potato for the same amount and get about 4 times more the amount of food?  Enough said.

2.  It's healthier.  Buying fresh produce, if possible organic, you are saving yourself the worry of wondering what you are feeding your baby.

3.  It's simple.  All you need is produce, a food processor or blender and some ice cube trays for freezing.  That is it.

I usually make up a dozen trays or so at a time, freeze the cubes, pop them out into a large Ziploc freezer bag and call it good.  That way my freezer is loaded with yummy treats for her and I don't have to worry about stocking my cupboards full of jars.

When she needs a meal, I pop out a few cubes ahead of time, let them thaw and we are good to go.  Simple enough, right?

It wasn't all baby food making yesterday.  I also watched my beloved Hawkeyes lose in TRIPLE OVERTIME.  Ugh.  I snacked on a homemade egg mcmuffin while I sulked.  See that drippy cheese?  Yeah, it was good.

And attempted to make double chocolate loaf bread with a bag of Amish Friendship Bread starter.  Yuck.  It didn't turn out, it was extremely dry.  Maybe because I only added one box of pudding?  Suggestions anyone?

I'm now off to try and attempt a new granola bar recipe.  Wish me luck!

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  1. I'm so glad you posted this - me and my sis were just talking about this for her 5-month-old - I just emailed her the link - thanks for sharing!

  2. You are welcome Kelly! I hope this information helps her out!

  3. I am soooo doing this! We got a baby food maker at our shower and im excited to use it. The bread looks yummy! Bummer it was a bust

  4. Jolene (Everydayfoodie)September 11, 2011 at 10:10 PM

    I plan on making all my own baby food when I have babies one day. My mom used to throw whatever her and my dad were having into a blender and we would eat the same thing :-) I like that.

  5. My brother and sister went to Iowa State so I was happy about the outcome! :D And I have to remember you are a Cubs fan too. :D

    I can't believe little miss is almost 6 months old - I just want to kiss her cheeks, she's so cute!