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Saturday, February 23, 2013

The ABC's of Me

There are many different types of food blogs out there.  Many, like mine, devote most of their time to recipes.  Some chronicle their everyday eats.  A ton have giveaways daily.  A good handful incorporate their daily eats, recipes and exercise routine into their posts.

Well, since I am mostly a recipe blog, I often think, "do my readers really know me?"  They know I love to cook, bake, entertain, etc., but do they really know my likes, dislikes, phobias and dreams?  Probably not.  Well, here we go.

Do me a favor, if you already know one of my below listed items, tell me in the comments section.  I really want to know if you've been paying attention!

Aerobics.  I love aerobics classes but never get to them.  I do not have a gym membership, nor anyone to even watch my kids if I wanted to go.  Someday I will get back into a class.

Beer.  My favorite alcoholic drink.  I'm a cheap date.

Caring.  I do feel like I have a deep, caring personality.  If you are a friend of mine, I try hard to make you a friend for life.

Duke.  Our black lab we had to put down last month.  We still miss him like crazy.

Entertaining.  My most favorite thing to do in the whole-wide-world is to have a quiet night in with friends or family.  Usually surrounded by food, a movie or just conversation.  That is my idea of entertaining.

Food.  Duh.  That one is pretty obvious.  I love everything about it.  Creating a recipe, eating it and telling the world about it.

Gardening.  I have plans to enhance my garden this year, if you call a non-used flower bed a garden.  Last year I only planted two tomato plants and two pepper plants and it produced almost more than I could handle.  But, this year, call me crazy, I want to do more!

Hair.  Mine is awful.  I haven't had a cut or color in many, many months.  I hate shelling the money out for it, I'm really cheap. But, next week I'm making an appointment.  It's time.

Iowa.  I live here, have my whole life.  Did you know that?  Even though it often gets a bad rap {only farms, nothing to do, hickville-usa} I love it.  I wish people didn't believe what they hear.  We've got beautiful land, great schools and wonderful food!

Jokester.  If you know me well and I feel comfortable around you, you will soon find out I joke.  A lot.  And I'm often very sarcastic.  Sometimes I even take it too far.  It's one of my faults.

Koch.  My maiden name.  Pronounced {cook}.  I loved that last name.

Lust.  Yes, I said lust.  I'm lusting for a cookbook deal.  It is kind of ridiculous.  I'm sure I'm annoying everyone about it.

I'm a mom.  To two adorable little kids.  It is my proudest achievement, yet my hardest job.  EVER.

Nutella.  I could eat it by the spoonful if no one was watching.  I stuff it into cookie dough, pie dough, and slather it on banana bread.  I even added it to this drink.

Overwhelmed.  I often feel overwhelmed, but don't let people see it.  It's hard to run a household when your husband works odd, crazy hours, you have two little ones under your feet and your a semi-neat freak.  And hold down a part-time job that I choose as my career.  Oh, and did I mention not having any relatives close enough that you can just call and say "I need an hour".  That can be tough.

Pizza.  My all time favorite food.  Hands down.

Quartet.  In high school I sang in a quartet.  We were really good and the first in our high school to have a quartet make it to All-State.  Sadly my singing career pretty much ended during college, I haven't sang in public since then, but I do love to sing, but I'm shy about it.  I love singing in groups, terrified singing alone!

Ramsey.  Dave Ramsey that is.  The husband and I have been following his program since late October.  Its changed our lives.

Stubborn.  I can be stubborn.  But, I just feel adamant about some things.....see, that statement right there says I'm stubborn.

Television.  I am not one of those who claims they are above watching T.V.  I have a few shows that I really like and others that just fill in the time.  My favorites: Grey's Anatomy, Downton Abbey, Nashville, The Big Bang Theory, Diners, Drive-Ins & Dives and what the husband calls drama fest T.V. any of the "Real Housewives" series...

Underpaid.  Don't you wish we got paid to make our way through life?  I think we are all in this boat.

Victory.  I love a good win.  I'm competitive and a huge sports fan.  I could watch T.V. with the guys most of the day and be content.

Water.  My dream {our dream} is to someday build a log cabin on a lake or have land with a pond.  Something about looking out at water just makes the day seem better.  I think I got this from my mother.

I'm not going to kid you, I have nothing for X.  It shouldn't even be a letter.

Yoga.  I used to do it faithfully in college when I worked at a Y and got a free membership.  I remember the first time I did it, I couldn't walk for days after.  I was so sore.  I'd love to start back up again.

Zzzzz's.  I don't think I'm getting enough.  I'm an early riser so even if I went to bed later I still am up early.  I wish I could have a day to sleep in!  And better yet, my body wouldn't just automatically wake up.  And those darn kids, they need to learn to sleep in better too.

So, what did you learn?  What did you already know?

P.S.  Happy Birthday to my sister, Nicky:)

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  1. I think it is hard to get to know you on here. Since I connect with you through other social media and comments I feel like I know you a little better though. I would love to see family posts or just posts about you :)

  2. Thanks Kristen, this is great advice. I've been thinking of starting of a weekly post not showcasing a recipe but rather my thought, doings, family, favorites, etc.

  3. Great post! As one of your loyal readers because I enjoy it not because I am your sister and you make us tune in, HA! Just kidding! You have some amazing talents so keep doing what you enjoy. I think you should move the family to MN so I could see you more and last I checked we have a lot of water that you could build your dream home on and then I would visit every weekend because I want to live on the water too:)

  4. I love looking at your food pictures! I'm a Quad City Moms Blog writer and enjoy the yummy ideas you have...though I have not tried them...yet! :) I'm also a native Iowan who was also an All State singer! :) I also have 2 children...which may contribute to why I haven't had time to cook or bake all of your delicious ideas!

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  6. Hi Ally! I love your blog but find myself lacking the time to cook so Im dedicating my 2013 to the focus of eating better & eating more at home so I love that I have you to guide me ;) Most of what I read above I knew since we go way back to 6th grade but it was nice to catch up on where you are today since its been probably a year or more since I've seen you (that means time to get together)! Keep up the hard work-as a small business owner I too can relate to the struggles but know that eventually (or we hope) hard work pays off! Also...what is the Dave Ramsey program? You've got me curious! Well back to my Sat to-do list ;)

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  9. I love Downton Abbey too...so sad after that last episode.

  10. Your sis was in my sisters & husband's grade & your bro was a year older than me. I do remember you but not sure how much younger you were/are than me. Your family is a great and sweet family. I thoroughly love your page on here. You seem like a very talented cook/baker. Keep the recipes coming as they are go to's for me. Thanks!

  11. Jolene (www.everydayfoodie.ca)February 25, 2013 at 10:30 PM

    I love posts like this!! I learned a lot about you :-)

  12. As I read through all these things I was thinking, you know I know these things about her but we don't do them enough! So let's change that!! :)

  13. It's great to know you. Thank you. I have the same problem with gardening; and here is a tip; in the same space as two tomato and two pepper plants; you could plant plenty of (more) expensive or difficult to get herbs. Don't worry about the vegetables: your neighbors will give you plenty of tomatoes, peppers, cukes, etc