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Sunday, May 24, 2015

FREE Ice Cream! Introducing Blue Bunny's Dairy-Free Ice Cream

Blue Bunny, an Iowa and nationwide staple, has introduced some new products!
Read on, to find out a bit more and for a chance to win!

The town of Le Mars, Iowa is known as "The Ice Cream Capital of the World".  More ice cream is made there than any other place on the planet!  Did you know that?

Yep, we have much more than corn, pigs and cows.

When Blue Bunny reached out to my family about trying their new dairy free line of products, do you think I hesitated?

Not a chance.

Of course I agreed!  Who doesn't want free ice cream?

My family is very lucky and we do not have any food allergies, so the fact that this new line of product is dairy free is rather here nor there, but I have many friends and family with certain allergies so I know just how important this ice cream could be for them.

Ice cream is a treat in our house {i.e. I don't buy it often as it would get eaten quicker than you can say hello}.  So needless to say when we do have it the kids go bonkers.  Like, freak out.

Especially when mom buys it in adorable cute 16 oz. containers.

For my Iowa readers, this ice cream can be found at Hy-Vee and Fareway.  For Blue Bunny products where you live, you can check their store locater here.  If your dietary needs need to be dairy free and you want some of this ice cream {you should} then I would then recommend calling that store to see if they are carrying it.

Chance are, they probably are!  Our local store had multiple varieties and the "frozen foods guy" {I'm sure I'm butchering his title} took me right to their display.  Easy peasy.

My kids gave this ice cream two thumbs up!  If you look closely, I also served them this chocolate cake.  Another dairy free goodie {I'm not sure what has gotten into me!}.  Anyway the cake is great too.  Just saying.

The Blue Bunny Dairy-Free ice cream provides a rich, creamy, delicious flavor you'd come to expect. It is a smart choice for anyone that needs to be lactose free, has certain diary allergies or just wants to experience the health benefits of a well-balanced healthy lifestyle.  They make it with almond milk, which makes it an excellent source of calcium, containing healthy fats and it is cholesterol free.

I found the ice cream to be light, airy and refreshing.  We purchased classic Vanilla and Mocha Fudge, but it also comes in Chocolate and Mint Chocolate Chip.  I will say the Mocha Fudge went darn well with the chocolate cake!

So how about some FREE ice cream?

I'm giving a couple of readers FREE coupons to buy some of this ice cream for themselves.  The generous folks at Blue Bunny want my readers to know just how good this stuff is!

You have multiple chances to win via the Rapplecopter link below.  I will pick two random winners on Wednesday, May 27th.  Good luck!

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  1. Thankfully, nobody in my immediate family is effected by allergies. At least there are more and more options at the grocery store for those that need them!

  2. We do not have any food allergies, but I like almond milk, so these would be good!

  3. Is it egg-free?