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Tuesday, January 10, 2017

20+ Valentine's Day Treats

Sweet or savory...here are 20+ treats to make that day special!

20+ Valentine's Day Treats...both salty and sweet! (sweetandsavoryfood.com)

That romantic day that everyone either loves or hates is almost here!  I find that people who are in love, generally love it, and those that aren't in love, generally hate it.

The husband and I don't normally go all out, mainly because his birthday is a couple of days prior, but we do celebrate.  I often make his favorite homemade strawberry cheesecake and I'll whip up something fun for the kids.  Heart shaped pancakes, strawberries and whip cream, French toast topped with blueberries or cut-out heart shaped sandwiches in their lunch boxes.

Here's the thing.  Even if it is a holiday that doesn't otherwise excite you, make it fun anyway. Especially if you have kids!  Show them how much you love them.  They'll really enjoy it and I can almost bet it will start your day off right.

Because trust me, starting your day off positive is a game changer.

Here we go!  Pick out a few of these and let your family decide which one you should make for Valentine's Day.  They're a load of fun!

XOXO Rice Krispie Treats - There is no better way to show your love than these fun treats!

Sweet Chili Baked Brie - melty brie wrapped in puff pastry and dunked
 into a sweet, spicy sauce, perfect!

7-Layer Valentine Bars - a little crunch, a lot of sweet and perfect to deliver to your sweetie!

Strawberry Shortcake Skewers - let the kids assemble these for a fun afters school snack!

Parmesan Garlic Knot Hearts - serve these up along a big bowl of romantic pasta and dinner is done!

Sweetheart Cinnamon Rolls - what a fun way to jazz up store bought cinnamon rolls!

Valentine's Day Berry Punch for Kids - what kid wouldn't enjoy this fun "mocktail" with dinner?

Valentine's Day Crack - funny name, but delicious treat!

Valentine Pizza - use a mini heart cookie cutter and make pizza night special!

Peppermint Kiss Thumbprint Cookies - these melt-in-your-mouth treats 
are perfect for an after dinner treat!

Valentine's Funfetti Popcorn - are the kids having a Valentine party at school?  This is perfect!

Valentine's Day Salad - chop up those veggies and toppings in fun X's and O's!

Candy Melt Valentine Squares - easy, fun, ideal to give away to neighbors and friends!

Valentine's Day Slice-n-Bake Cookies - bring out the sprinkles and have some fun!

You Have My Heart Egg Muffins - start off the morning right!

Valentine's Day M&M Cookies - who doesn't love a cookie loaded with M&M's?

Cherry Almond Bread - bake up some loaves for friends and family!

Heart Shaped Monte Cristo - make lunch or dinner fun with these cute sandwiches!

Mini Heart Shaped Pizzas - gather everyone around and top them with whatever you like!

Valentine's Day Muddy Buddies - this addictive snack mix is hard to beat!

Heart Eggs in the Hole - adorable and tasty for Valentine's Day morning!

Valentine Cream Cheese Cookies - these easy cut-outs are a perfect activity for the kids!

So which one is your favorite?  I'm thinking the mini heart shaped pizzas for us for lunch, the cinnamon rolls for breakfast and maybe if the kids are lucky some muddy buddies {or puppy chow like we call it around here} for dessert.

Have a wonderful Valentine's Day everyone!

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