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Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Baked Florentine Spaghetti

I'm always on the look out for a great pasta dish and I found one!
A great way to plump up your veggie intake as well.

Baked Florentine Spaghetti plated on a white plate with a fork.

I'm a bit surprised that this Baked Florentine Spaghetti actually came to fruition.  I am now two days shy of grocery day {Friday} and I'm struggling.

All of the basics seem to have disappeared.  Milk, fresh veggies, nearly all of the cottage cheese, granola bars {a must when you have kids} and so many others.  Honestly, I couldn't even think of what to give the kids for breakfast this morning before school.  We had eggs, we had oatmeal, but my brain was so transfixed on everything we didn't have I couldn't even deal.

It's a rough life around here.

Spaghetti twisted in piles in a white Pyrex baking dish.

What I did have were two boxes of spaghetti noodles, one jar of spaghetti sauce, some frozen spinach, ground sausage and a handful of others.

I love a good baked pasta dish on the weekends.  One that we can eat off of for two nights in a row {I get a dinner free card!} and one that is hearty and rib-sticking good.  And let's face it, any chance I get to throw spinach at my kids is a good cause.

This dish is one you can throw together from basic pantry staples.  Trust me, I am the PRIME example.  If you were to look at my cupboards right now you might think my family was a bunch of college roommates, as compared to a husband, wife and three kids.

Besides the staples needed for this dish, the only other food sources you'll find are a box of crackers, some cheese, bread and some canned goods that I keep ignoring.

Up close look of baked florentine spaghetti in a white baking dish.

I made this dish in a deep 8x8 baking dish, but it can easily be done in a 9x13 dish as well.  I also took the time to portion out the baked spaghetti {see that photo above?}, I twisted and twirled that spaghetti into 9 different portions so that when you serve it, it perfectly feeds 9 adults.

Or 5 adults and about 8 kids, as they eat less.

Or 3 adults, three nights in a row.

Or whatever other calculation you can come up with.

Aerial shot of baked spaghetti in a white baking dish and plated on a white dinner plate.

I can't wait to hear what you think about this one!

After you make it please leave a star rating review below so others know your thoughts. I hope you love this "grown up spaghetti" as much as I did.

Collage of baked spaghetti in a white Pyrex dish.

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  2. "Baked Florentine Spaghetti" evokes culinary poetry with its fusion of flavors. Culinary creations like this inspire the imagination, akin to the artistry of poem writers. The amalgamation of textures and tastes resembles verses weaving together, creating a delicious symphony. Exploring such dishes is akin to savoring verses, each ingredient a word, crafting a delightful gastronomic narrative on the plate.

    1. I've been making this basic recipe for many years, thanks to a friend of mine. Um um good. You'll really love it.