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Monday, November 6, 2017

Holiday Gift Guide: 20 Non-Toy Gifts for Kids

My first gift guide of the year was SO popular, I decided to do another one!
This one is all about the kiddos.

Holiday Gift Guide: 20 Non-Toy Gifts for Kids...reach past the toys and give your kids something they'll treasure this Christmas!  From books, to educational games, to funcational items they need this holiday list is top notch! (sweetandsavoryfood.com)

This post contains affilite links for your convenience.

I have three young kids, so I know the challenge of buying gifts for them at Christmas.  We don't go overboard in this house {usually 3 gifts per kid}, but I always trying and make them meaningful.  I don't buy dart guns for our boy or glitter boxes for our girls, as I try and save my sanity, plus they are usually just junk!

I like to buy things they'll treasure.  Often this is in the forms of books, items they can use outside or school-related educational stuff.  I'm not sure how I, a food blogger, became known for gift giving, but I have, as you guys went a bit bonkers on my first gift giving guide last week.  

So on a whim, I decided to do another one, yet this time for the kiddos.  So many of my readers are Moms who need to buy gifts this holiday season, so ladies...this one is for YOU.

I have a 6 year old daughter that LOVES to help me in the kitchen.  She also loves to read any book put in front of her.  So why not combine the two?  This cookbook for kids is full of great photos and easy-to-follow recipes.  Why not let your kiddos tackle dinner one night?

As a parent I feel it is never to early to teach your kids the value of a dollar.  Traditional piggy banks are great, but this one is perfect.  It divides your child's money into sections: Save, Spend, Donate and Invest.  Let them pick an item they want to save up for, spend on, donate to and then explain the importance of inventing for the future.

Our son, who is 8, would LOVE this.  He recently went hunting with his Dad super early one morning and his own alarm clock would have been perfect for him to test out getting up on his own that morning.  Running on battery power, this alarm clock also doubles as a night light.

How about a bean bag chair that doubles as storage?  This kid's version is stuffed with all your family's stuffed animals {not those annoying styrofoam beads} and then offers them a great place to sit!  Ideal for reading nooks in their bedrooms.

As adults we love to be cozy, but so do kids!  Each of my older kids have robes and they are worn a LOT in the winter when we're stuck inside on snowy, cold days.  This fun polka-dot version comes in four different colors and designs.

If you have a child who loves art and you are a Mom who loathes messes, then this is a match made in heaven.  This art smock will keep them clean as they paint/draw and also makes them feel like they are a real artist!

I don't know about you but every time I announce that I'm headed out to the garden, I usually have a kid or two following out behind me.  This cute garden set of their own, is perfect for budding green thumbs.  Give them a corner of your garden to dig, discover and grow their own veggies.

Remember back to 4th grade when you were tested on memorizing all the states, where they were located and the capitals?  Give your kids a head start with this always fun, Melissa and Doug U.S.A puzzle.  Puzzles are a BIG hit in our house and this one is educational to boot!

I bought this colored pencil case earlier in the year for both my girls as an intended Christmas gift.  I think they will love it!  They are forever coloring and creating and this holds 72 colored pencils!  And ideally, they will all stay in there and never be all over my floor, right?

If you're a traveling family then luggage becomes essential, especially when flying.  Coming in 20+ colors this 20-inch expandable carry-on luggage is perfect for kids.  Let them be responsible for their own items and learn the ins and outs of traveling.

I grew up reading my older sister's Little House on the Prairie books and I've since passed that set down to my girls.  Let your kids travel back in time and enjoy this classic set.  Each year my kids receive a "book bundle" as one of their gifts {because books are our favorite}, and this set would be perfect to include.  Great for boys and girls!

As a writer I've always loved journaling and I hope to instill that into my kids as well.  This 5-star kid's journal is so very neat.  It prompts your child with a question for each day.  In the end you'll have 3 years worth of conversations with your child.  Such a neat keepsake!

I've got a boy who loves solving puzzles and brain teasers.  This game is fun for kids and adults alike!  Remember tetris?  It's like that, but on steroids.  Watch as your kids will try for hours to get all the pieces together!

Kids love to explore, so why not in your own backyard?  This Backyard Exploration Critter Case allows them to wander about nature and find {and maybe keep?} bugs and everything else that makes us Mom's squeamish.  Perfect for carrying around the yard!

I ordered three of these Critter Piller Neck Pillows a few Christmas' back and we USE THEM ALL THE TIME.  They are a must when on long road trips.  My kids love using them to take a nap in the van.  With over 26 animals to choose from, pick your child's favorite and this gift is perfect for under the tree.

Have you heard of weighted blankets?  If you have kids who are terrible sleepers, waking up a lot, are crawling into bed with you or simply have insomnia, then this blanket might be the key to your sanity.  A bit pricey, but people swear by them. 

I have a daughter who is always wanting to "take a sip of Mom's flavored coffee".  For whatever reason kid's love drinking out of mugs!  This set of four is fun, cute and will make them feel like a grown up.  Throw in some hot cocoa packets to round out the gift and make a coffee date.

Around here it's COLD during the winter and I cringe when I see my kids running around the house barefoot.  I swear by Minnetonka slippers, I have this pair of my own, so this kid slipper version is awesome.  They stay on their feet and come in six different colors.  And just think...less socks to wash?

If any of your kids are baker's then this 16-Piece Cupcake Decorating Kit is perfect!  They have their own tools and for cupcake recipes, simply divide it in half to make just 6 cupcakes.  Getting creative in the kitchen is always fun.

When my older two kids were younger they received the Highlights magazine subscription as a gift for Christmas and they LOVED it for years.  What kid doesn't love getting mail?  Educational and fun - this is also a great idea to tell grandparents about who are always needing gift ideas.

Holiday Gift Guide: 20 Non-Toy Gifts for Kids...reach past the toys and give your kids something they'll treasure this Christmas!  From books, to educational games, to funcational items they need this holiday list is top notch! (sweetandsavoryfood.com)

Happy Shopping!

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