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Wednesday, November 27, 2019

2019 Made in Iowa Holiday Gift Guide

Shopping small during the holiday season is my favorite way to shop.
How about considering these Made in Iowa gifts this year!

This post is sponsored by Travel Iowa.

Made in Iowa Holiday Gift Guide

If you've been around here for a minute then you know I'm a firm believer in supporting small businesses and shopping small.  Especially during the holiday season when these hard working businesses rely so much on their customers.

Giving the gift of local not only lights up your family's eyes but it makes the giver feel all the emotions too!  These are items not found in big boxed stores.  They are unique and perfect for any loved one this holiday season.

And.....since I'm from Iowa it would only be fitting to showcase a complete list of curated fun gifts from local Iowa artists and shops from across the state.  

I'm going to show you some of my favorites from this list, but be sure to check out the complete version HERE.  You are bound to find something special.

Made in Iowa Holiday Gift Guide

In the past I was always an easy beer or wine drinker at celebrations, but lately I've loved a good cocktail.  They are fun!

My family has always had Gin & Tonic's on hand when everyone is around.  It's kind of my Dad's signature drink.  These flavored tonic's by Joanna's look perfect to jazz up our family's fun drink.  With original {grapefruit, orange, lemon and lime} or Orange Fennel {orange and warm spices} the holidays will be darn special. 

Made in Iowa Holiday Gift Guide

Many of you know of these cute kitchen towels since their owner helped to design my book and heirloom kitchen towel.  But....if you've been living under a rock....these towels need to grace your kitchen scape!

Uniquely made, each towel is designed with your home in mind.  The colors are neutral and light and the wording just makes you want to hole up in home and bake all day.  They are the perfect gift for the cook and baker in your life.  Or anyone who loves decorating their kitchen.

Made in Iowa Holiday Gift Guide

Creating a comfy home for your family or friends when they visit, I feel, should be a priority.  Do you remember walking into friend's home when you were younger and just feeling "at home"?  

Having throws tossed over couches and chairs is the best way to do this.  These handmade woolen oversized throws from Amana, Iowa {great tourist town to check out by the way} are the perfect addition for a family room or den.

How about this collegiate colored version?  With so many designs and colors to choose from, there is one for everybody.

Made in Iowa Holiday Gift Guide

Nothing beats a personalized gift.  Nothing.

Just like a homemade meal, a meal baked in a dish that is well loved and known is even better!  These personalized baking dishes can be engraved with a family's name, a fun family saying or even a recipe!

They also have handmade and engraved cutting boards.  This is definitely a gift to give to a Mom or Grandma who has been feeding you for years.

Made in Iowa Holiday Gift Guide

Do you ever just want something different to decorate your home with?

I do.  When you shop big, instead of small, you can many times have the same decorations in your home as your neighbor!  Let's try and be different, shall we?

These beaded tassels are perfect to hang from a mantel, hooks on a rustic shelf or placed on the runner of your table amongst candles and vases of flowers during the holidays.  Super pretty!

Made in Iowa Holiday Gift Guide

Hot sauce lovers rejoice!

Being a foodie, I love seeing small batch goodies from small businesses.  What a great stocking stuffer!

I love hot sauce on eggs, sprinkled in my homemade chili and topped on a big plate of sheet pan nachos.  Just a dash or layered on - whatever your hotness level is - this line of homemade hot sauces has flavor levels for everyone.

Made in Iowa Holiday Gift Guide

I love a good piece of art that welcomes anyone coming in the front door.  Don't you?

This particular sign gives me all the cozy and warm feelings, especially during the holidays.  These handmade wooden signs are inviting and look perfect next to the front door where people hang their coats or in the mudroom while people are peeling off all the layers of their winter gear.

Made in Iowa Holiday Gift Guide

Spoiler alert.

I bought this shirt in the t-shirt version.  I just love it!

I'm fairly certain your could replace Iowa on this shirt with any state, but we do take pride here in the Midwest for our kindness.  I also love how shirts are going through a trend right now with fun saying and cute antidotes.

A great gift for a college student!

Made in Iowa Gift Guide

There are so many goodies on this Made in Iowa list that will be the ideal addition to add to your PEOPLE this holiday season.

You can see the full list of gifts HERE.

I'd love to hear what product is calling your name!  Shout it out on social media tagging me of course {@sweetsavoryeats} and Travel Iowa {@Travel_Iowa on Twitter, @IowaTourism on Facebook or @TravelIowa on Instagram}.

Happy holiday shopping season!  Remember to try and support small businesses this year.  It is fun and rewarding.

Merry Christmas!

This post was sponsored by Travel Iowa.

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