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Friday, August 28, 2020

75 Fuss Free Recipes E-Cookbook

Looks what's here!
My long awaited new e-cookbook.

Right when quarantine hit, I started putting together this ebook.

Great timing, right?

It would have been, if I didn't have kids or if they would have had a full time tutor. Welp. Instead from early March until the end of May we were knee deep in Zoom calls and daily assignments.

Therefore it took me a LOT longer to complete this ebook that I had planned.  But guess what? It's now here! 75 Fuss Free Recipes.

So many of you ordered my meal planner last year {more copies will be coming soon!} and loved it. One of the most popular sections is in the back where I pulled together 50 of my most popular recipes. You guys are always clamoring for easy recipes. Always. So I knew I needed to get another book in order!

This time, I wanted to do an e-cookbook.  They are pretty and easy to download and people can use them in a variety of ways.

Some prefer to keep it on their iPad for easy access, some on their phones {since we all have our phones attached to us} and some people {me included}like to print them off in color to keep handy in the kitchen.

A trusty, old school 3-ring binder works great!

I divided this book into 9 sections: Iowa Classics, Carb Overload, Fruity Fun, Chocolate Lovers, Rise & Shine, Friday Night Pizza Party, Snackies & Sides, Dinnertime and Sweet Dreams.

It really does cover EVERYTHING you've ever wanted.

All of these recipes have been tested on my faithful family and have become favorites over the years. And because I know people will ask - none are repeats from my last book. So you're getting a fresh new 75! You may have seen them trickle around the web these past few years, but I can assure you many you have not seen.

I also picked MY FAVE 9.

I have a favorite from each section. I tease that I want you to try those recipes first, but honestly you can do whatever you want.  It's your book!

To take a more extensive look before ordering, visit HERE.

You can browse more photos and read through the FAQ section at the bottom of the page, which most likely will answer any stirring question you may have.

I cannot wait to hear how you are enjoying this e-cookbook after ordering! I would appreciate any shares on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Just tag me at @sweetsavoryeats so it filters into my feed and I see it.  I'll be sure to share the love!

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