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Thursday, May 20, 2021

Spicy BBQ Chicken Burgers

Summer barbecues are in full swing and that means burger season!
These Spicy BBQ Chicken Burgers are full of flavor.

This post is sponsored by Cookies Sauces & Seasonings.

Spicy BBQ Chicken Burgers

Burgers on the grill are one of my all time favorite foods. When I was little it was all that I would order off a menu at a restaurant. I never got tired of them! And with an August birthday it is always my birthday meal of choice {paired along side baked beans and potato salad}.

I just love them to death.

All kinds. If it's sandwiched between a buttery bun I'm game. Any meat, any toppings, any add-ins - I'm not too picky!

Spicy BBQ Chicken Burgers

Summer is the season for everything barbecue {including burgers!}. When my favorite barbecue sauce company, Cookies Sauces & Seasonings, asked to partner on a barbecue recipe for this month, I immediately had a great idea for a chicken burger.

Yes, a chicken burger!

Plus the month of May is National Burger Month - so it fit perfectly together. This is the month where we celebrate the kick-off of season of barbecue! I wanted this chicken burger to have a bit of spice, be juicy and full of flavor and have a sweet & spicy sauce slathered on top to bring it all together.

It worked friends, it really worked.

Spicy BBQ Chicken Burgers

Cookies BBQ is an Iowa company - did you know that? 

In what started as humble beginnings it has now grown to be home to some of America's most loved sauces and seasonings. Typically called "The BBQ Sauce America Loves to Eat" this company has grown so much over it's 40+ years in business.

Our family has been enjoying their products for years! What started as just barbecue sauces has now grown to wing sauces, seasonings, salsa and even stir fry sauce.

Spicy BBQ Chicken Burgers

I wanted this chicken burger to POP! To honestly be the best chicken burger you've ever had. Assuming you've had a chicken burger, right?

Using ground chicken in this recipe {by simply pulsing/grinding chicken breasts in your food processor} and loading it with flavorful ingredients makes the most juicy burger. To give it a fun spicy barbecue flavor I added minced onion, a chipotle pepper in adobo sauce {can see what that is here}, Cookies Original barbecue sauce + Cookies Flavor Enhancer, the juice of a lime and some garlic salt.

Talk about a mouthful, right?

Spicy BBQ Chicken Burgers

If you want a burger you want flavor! Most important, if you are making a chicken burger you NEED flavor!

In addition to the burger itself, I also feel that every good grilled burger needs a "sauce". Something to top it with to give it that extra flavor boost. So I combined mayo, some of that spicy chipotle pepper in adobo sauce {from the can} and some Cookies Original barbecue sauce.

It's like a spicy bbq mayo!

Spicy BBQ Chicken Burgers

I mean, look at that delicious burger!

Saucy and flavorful and filled to the brim with barbecue goodness. My whole family FLIPPED for these. Every single family member.

Which is always a good sign. Trying to please all five of us at dinner can often be a challenge. But let's be honest burgers + barbecue usually go over fairly well. 

I've made my fair share of burgers over the years - check out these popular ones - Apple Cheddar Turkey Burgers, Bacon & Bleu Pork Burgers and my Egg-in-the-Hole Cast Iron Skillet Burgers.

Spicy BBQ Chicken Burgers

These Spicy BBQ Chicken Burgers are perfect for Memorial Day, Father's Day or your next Summer family gathering. Double the recipe and it feeds over a dozen!

These patties are also easy to whip up and freeze for later - a neat meal prep idea. It's a great way to always have burgers on the ready for quick Summer dinners. With ball games and camps and kids going in every direction {wait, is that just my life?} it's nice to have simple dinners ready to go.

Give it a try!

Spicy BBQ Chicken Burgers
Cookies BBQ and I cannot wait to see how much you love these burgers!

Feel free to tag both of us with your photos {@sweetsavoryeats & @cookiesbbq} and we'd like to share the love! Also, barbecue lovers you most definitely should sign up for the Cookies BBQ Sauce Sqaud. You'll get insider information from their test kitchen - new recipes, information to upcoming events and unadvertised promotions and giveaways. Fun stuff!

Enjoy this juicy burger friends - you will not regret it. 

A big thanks to Cookies Sauce & Seasonings for sponsoring this post.

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