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Thursday, February 3, 2022

Valentine Peanut Butter Blossoms

It's time to butter up your sweetheart!
These Valentine Peanut Butter Blossoms are always a bit hit.

Close up of heart centered peanut butter cookie

Ever had a traditional peanut blossom cookie?

Here is my Valentine's Day version. Most people eat these during the holidays with a Hershey's kiss in the middle {and no girly sprinkles, of course} and they are most often the hot ticket item on the cookie tray. Who doesn't love peanut butter and chocolate in a cookie?

Most folks can't resist.

Stainless steel bowl of peanut butter cookie dough with sprinkles

I do have a favorite peanut butter cookie dough that I ALWAYS use and can forever count on to come out great. If you have your own, well fine, but honestly this cookie dough recipe has been a long time favorite. It never fails me.

And added to this dough are sprinkles!

Of course you can use whatever colored ones you have on hand, but this time of year the shelves are filled with various shapes in red, pink and white. All you need is a half of a cup in this recipe, so no need to stock up - but grab one bottle!

Rose gold cookie sheet filled with Valentine's Day cookies

Now I used Hershey's milk chocolate individually wrapped hearts for these cookies. I find they are just the best! They are big enough to take up the center space of the peanut butter cookie and they look just so darn cute.

Honestly, any milk chocolate heart will do {even other shapes if you can't find the hearts}, but I do love the Hershey's version. I found mine at Walmart and there were TONS of bags on the shelves.

The trick to getting these hearts to stick in the middle of these cookies is to place them right in the center of the cookie immediately after they are taken out of the oven. That way they sink down into the center "just right" and hold perfectly once they cool.

Close up hand shot holding a Valentine's Day cookie

Look at her!

Isn't she gorgeous? The sprinkles come out just enough. They do not over power the peanut butter flavor and that milk chocolate middle is the star of the show.

Do you eat peanut blossoms around the edges and save the chocolate center for the last bite? Or do you take a little bite of the chocolate center with each time?

I go both ways....depends on my mood.

Collage of Valentine's Days cookies on wire rack
I can't wait to see your photos of these in your kitchen!

Please leave a star rating below on the recipe card once you make them. Your thoughts about my recipes help to give reader feedback for others.

This recipe makes 36 {fairly big} cookies. Perfect for the classroom, your neighbors or friends. They also freeze well if the whole batch is too much. The husband ended up taking a dozen to work the day after I made these because "he was afraid he'd eat them all".

Which I completely understand.

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