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Thursday, November 3, 2022

Sheet Pan Turkey Dinner

Here is my take on a smaller Thanksgiving Dinner - great for two, three or four!

Everything cooks on a sheet pan and it's absolutely delicious. 

Collage of a beautiful sheet pan turkey dinner - including sliced pieces of turkey next to roasted vegetables.

Never in the history of my food blog (13 years!) have I showcase anything resembling a big turkey dinner. Folks, it's finally here.

With November finally on the calendar, I figured it was time! 

But of course, with a twist. Naturally I wanted to make this easy for everyone. Thanksgiving can be an overwhelming thought for many, plus it often feeds a TON. But we don't always have the time, nor have to feed a crowd, so I made a solution.

Slices of roasted turkey on a sheet pan and fork with roasted vegetables.

This Sheet Pan Turkey Dinner is for everyone who wants to eat the full meal, but neither has the room, nor the patience or the crowd to serve. It's perfect for one, two, three or four guests! And yet still gives you all the flavors of a traditional Thanksgiving dinner.

Not only do I dress this bird (turkey bone-in breast to be exact, easy to find at stores this time of year) with some deliciousness (keep reading), but I also accompany it with your favorite sides - roasted potatoes, brussels sprouts and sweet potatoes. They are tossed and coated in a TON of flavor.

Herbed butter turkey breast with pastry brush and marinade on a sheet pan.

Are you ready?

This bird is rubbed with a savory softened butter and chopped rosemary spread + a marinade of pure maple syrup, garlic and Dijon mustard.

Trust me when I say ALL OF THAT WORKS.

It really, really works and makes your house smell amazing while it cooks.

Yellow bowl and spoon with prepared marinade next to chopped vegetables.

The roasted veggies get about a 10 minutes head start in the oven, it's important to get them nice and crunchy and caramelized, after which the turkey enters the party and this sheet pan dinner starts to come to life.

Everything gets based with the maple syrup + garlic + Dijon combo to start and then again right at the end for extra color and flavor.

My teenager exclaimed, "Mom, this is great turkey and I love the potatoes". For a 13 year old boy to say this about a sheet pan meal is noteworthy friends. Imagine what the adults say that you serve?

Aerial shot of full sheet pan of turkey breast, jelly and roasted vegetables.

Golly, look at that color!

Everything roasts up beautifully. The brussels sprouts get crispy on the edges with a sweet caramelized taste from the maple syrup. The potatoes (both sweet and white) do the same!

The turkey takes on incredible flavor from the herbed butter (you rub it both UNDER the skin and on top - remember that, it's important). It not only keeps the turkey moist, but it also gives it great color. You never want a turkey that doesn't look good too!

Sliced turkey & veggies on a white plate next to a flowered towel and sheet pan.

I like to serve this with a cranberry or any nice tart, fruit jelly on the side. It's a great dipping sauce for all the savory items on the plate!

Allow your guests to serve themselves right off of the sheet pan (after slicing the turkey), dress it up with more fresh rosemary springs and I promise you it will look pretty! Serve it family style and put any of your other Thanksgiving favorites in dishes surrounding it. We love a good corn casserole or layered salad.

And of course dessert (one of our favorites is my Maple Pecan Pie Cobbler).

Collage of a beautiful sheet pan turkey dinner - including sliced pieces of turkey next to roasted vegetables

So many people over the years have asked for "smaller" dinners or meals and with the holidays coming up I wanted to make sure I didn't forget about those who are alone, just a couple or have family who will not be around on Thanksgiving.

Please share this Sheet Pan Turkey Dinner with anyone who you feel could benefit from it! And if you try it please rate this recipe below via the star ratings on the recipe card so others can benefit. I cannot wait to hear your thoughts!

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