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Thursday, February 1, 2024

Cheesecake Brownies

Two of your dessert favorites - cheesecake and brownies are married together!
This rich, decadent dessert will soon become a favorite.

A hand holding a bite of a cheesecake brownie, plus a pan of brownies and a piece on a white plate with a fork.

I've been making these cheesecake brownies for YEARS, but I rarely share them! My food blog is in it's fourteenth year (loads of recipes have been shared) and honestly some of them have gotten lost in the shuffle.

These Cheesecake Brownies were one of them!

This past week I was doing some work behind the scenes on some very old recipes and this one caught my eye.

For a few reasons - one, because I remember them being delicious and two, I knew I had all the ingredients on hand to make a batch and take new photos. It was time to share them again!

Pan of cheesecake brownies on a wire cooling rack and blue striped towel with a piece on a white dinner plate.

What's (extra) simple about these brownies is that the base is a boxed brownie mix that just gets amped up a bit with some sour cream put into the batter. That gives them a rich, very homemade taste.

The cheesecake topping gets poured right on top and baked all together; again with simple ingredients - just cream cheese, an egg and sugar! The two layers stay perfectly in their place so each bite gets a little of both.

A square of cheesecake brownie on a white dinner plate and blue towel with a bite taken out with a fork.

Just look at that bite!

It's creamy, rich and perfect for any dessert occasion. I like to cut these into bars and place them into an airtight container and then place them in the fridge. This keeps them cold and fresh!

It also allowed me to "hide" them from the kids for almost a day! They didn't notice them in the fridge and I was able to save them for a special dessert after a long day and a special dinner.

Collage of cheesecake brownies in a pan, on a white dessert plate and a piece being held by a hand.

Definitely make these the next time you need a sweet treat - it makes a small batch (an 8x8 pan) so it's just enough to satisfy that sweet tooth.

When you make them tag me on socials (@sweetsavoryeats) - I'd love to see your photos and share them!

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