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Thursday, July 11, 2024

Mini Chocolate Chip Pudding Cookies

These fun little cookies are a breeze to make and always a crowd pleaser!
Mini chocolate chips and vanilla pudding give them a soft, sweet taste.

A collage of mini chocolate chip pudding cookies on a wire rack

Who doesn't love a good cookie?

When I make a batch in my house they are gone by the next day. Teenagers + plus good food = almost no food soon after.

When I baked these cookies I literally hid the remaining half in a cupboard (in an effort to make them last longer) only to have all three kids begging me to show them where I hid them. It was a loss.

Rolls of balled up cookie dough on a cookie sheet with a cookie scoop.

See? Everyone loves a good cookie.

When describing this batch I always tell people they will remind you of a soft baked Chips Ahoy packaged cookie (but so much better).

They are just slightly crispy on the edges with a super tender middle. Plus the addition of the dry vanilla pudding mix to the cookie batter gives them a little bit of an unique flavor. They are so, so good!

Rows of chocolate chip cookies on a black wire cookie rack.

Over the years I've made a handful of great chocolate chip type cookies - my most "famous" one, if you will, being my traditional chocolate chip version

Last year during the Fall, I came up with my Chocolate Chip Pumpkin Cookies, which are even better than you can imagine.

And a couple years back I got really wild and stuffed an OREO inside a chocolate chip cookie. Those are always a hit.

I love how a chocolate chip cookie can be kept simple or jazzed up for a little fun.

A hand holding three chocolate chip cookies.

I used mini chocolate chips in this cookies as I love their even distribution - you get chocolate in every bite! Plus I used a smaller cookie scoop - this size - to make these cookies, to keep within their "mini" name.

You get the perfect three bites out of each cookie!

These are also great for dunking in a glass of ice cold milk. I may or may not have seen one of my kids doing this!

A collage of mini chocolate chip pudding cookie photos.

When you make these be sure to tag me on social media (@sweetsavoryeats)! I'd love to see your photos of how you are enjoying these gems. But snap that photo quick as they'll be gone fast.

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