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Thursday, January 7, 2010

I'm a Salsa Snob

I love Mexican food. Honestly I don't know too many people who don't. The problem is, I am a salsa snob. I love fresh or homemade salsa, especially any kind that is served to you at a Mexican joint with bowl of hot chips next to it, but I'm not a huge fan of the jarred versions you can buy at any local grocery store. They just don't taste the same!

I tried making my own salsa one year in college.....but after a HUGE mess and it only resulting in a small batch of salsa, I said never again. Now, that was awhile back and I do believe I have more patience now, so I'm sure I'll try it again, but until then I figured I needed a solution to my salsa snobbishness.

Last night's dinner was tacos. Simple, easy, and yummy. Nothing fancy, just soft tortillas, ground beef, sour cream, shredded cheese and my newly invented salsa. Yes, as I was sitting at home yesterday it dawned on me. My usual problems with the jarred salsas is the chunkiness of the peppers and onions. To me they taste rubbery.....like they've been sitting in that jar FOREVER (which they probably have). So, I thought what if I take our jarred salsa we have in the fridge and puree it all in the blender to make a smoother, more like taco sauce condiment?

BINGO. It was a hit. Honestly, this new salsa/sauce reminded me of the taco sauce they serve at a favorite hometown joint called Zeno's (sorry, no website, that proves just how "hometown" they are). Zeno's is known for their pizza, but for whatever reason they serve three other things: tacos, taco turnovers and taco salads. All of which are served with their taco sauce. I've always wanted their recipe, but of course their lips are sealed!

This is officially our new salsa. It may look more like a sauce, but it is what it is and we'll be using it on all things Mexican and non-Mexican related foods from here on out! P.S. - I DO NOT use packaged taco seasonings.....they are full of sodium and in my opinion they taste gross! It's much easier to throw some salsa into the meat and call it good!

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  1. Ohh great idea for the salsa! I'm a snob too and hattte the chunks. I usually scoop up all of the liquid and leave the chunks. I'm going to try this! Also - if you can find it by you Rick Bayless' Frontera line (it's in our health food aisle at Jewel here) has thinner, more "authentic" salsas!

  2. Thanks Christina, I will definitely look for the Rick Bayless Frontera line!

  3. Ally -what di you use to make it cause I am with you I only like the fresh stuff. I make some and it is SO dang easy.

  4. Thanks Christina, I will definitely look for the Rick Bayless Frontera line!