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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Honey Mustard Chicken & 5 Foodie Fun Facts

I have to give credit, where credit is due. This recipe comes from Christina. She was the first food blogger I found.....and the one who made me decide to also become a food blogger.

I was reading my Taste of Home magazine one day and noticed that she was featured in their Field Editor Spotlight section. She casually mentioned her website Dinner at Christina's, and I casually thought to myself I'll need to check that out. Well, you know how it goes, you never remember to get online and check it, and so a few weeks passed and I still hadn't taken a look! Finally, I do and I think an hour later I'm still scrolling through her posts. Needless to say, she started this hobby of mine, so blame her if you are bored with it! (I'm honestly hoping your not bored).

Thanks Christina!

One of the very first posts I read of hers was her Honey Mustard Chicken. She used panko breadcrumbs (which I've never used before, but have always wanted to)....and well, it looked so easy and yet so simple and delicious. Who doesn't like a chicken tender? Especially one that is healthier and much more satisfying?

Here is the version I put together the other night:
3 boneless, skinless chicken breast cut into strips
equal parts honey and mustard
panko breadcrumbs
garlic salt

Mix together equal parts honey and mustard. I used about 1/2 cup of each. Place chicken strips in honey mustard mixture and coat generously (I even let mine sit in there for about 30 min.) Pour panko breadcrumbs on a plate and season with some garlic salt and parsley. Take strips out of mixture and coat in panko. Place on sprayed baking sheet and place in a 400 degrees oven. Bake 10-12 min and turn chicken. Bake another 8-10 min. until browned and cooked through.

I like mine really crispy, so I think I let them go even a little longer.....and yes, you do see some without the panko. That was my husband's doing. What do I say, he has a fear of breading.
Unless, he's hungover and then it's game on. I served this with steamed green beans and baked mashed potatoes.

And for something fun! I've seen this done on some other food blogs and thought I would join the fun.
Here are 5 Foodie Fun Food Facts about me. Enjoy!

When did you discover your love for cooking/baking? I would always help my mom growing up (you know, just when I was in the MOOD), but I would say in college is when it went into full gear.

Favorite food to make? Anything homemade really - bread, cookies, desserts, you know the things that you could easily pick up at the grocery store, but they don't taste half as good?

Top eat of all time? Bourbon Street's Asiago Artichoke Dip. To. Die. For.

Most disliked food? Water chestnuts. I don't even know what they are...a vegetable maybe? The crunch it makes when you bite into it makes me cringe.

Food you still haven't tried to make but want to? Homemade bread (without the help of my bread machine) and homemade jam. I plan to do this with my mom this summer when strawberries are in season. Mom, if you're reading this, I don't believe I've told you this yet!

Now...I've got to pass this on! I've listed some of my FAVE food bloggers below. If you are reading this, please answer these 5 Foodie Fun Food Facts in your next blog!

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  1. Oh I saw these on Christina's blog too! Glad you are using the panko! Have a question for you I'll email you later!

  2. Samantha...my husband LOVED it without the breadcrumbs, I personally didn't have one. But he said they were good!

  3. I love using panko - I never use regular breadcrumbs anymore!

  4. I definatly prefer Panko over regular bread crumbs. :)

  5. OMG I had no idea! How exciting! When I clicked over here after you left a comment I thought for sure you were already established b/c it looks great and all the comments! Way to go!! :)
    Thanks for making my recipe, it looks delicious!
    Can't wait to answer the ?s on my next post!

  6. haha I always wondered what water chestnuts where too!!! i dont hate them but they are just so odd!!

    I cant wait for you to make homemade bread!

  7. I hate the smell of water chestnuts! (But don't mind them mixed in to a dish) Give homemade bread a try- it's not as hard as it sounds:)

  8. I hate the smell of water chestnuts! (But don't mind them mixed in to a dish) Give homemade bread a try- it's not as hard as it sounds:)

  9. I love using panko - I never use regular breadcrumbs anymore!