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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Giveaway Winner, Latest Eats & Upcoming Weekend

Before I forget - congrats to Pam Elliott for winning my latest giveaway!  I could not think of a better person for it to go to!  Not only is she a great friend, but she also happens to bake a few wedding cakes on the side for friends and family.

Perfect cookbook for her!

Thought I'd share a couple eats with you that we've had this last week.  It's been a busy week so meals have been hit and miss, but I did manage to put these two together!

Penne pasta, garlic sauce, parmesan cheese and grilled marinated chicken.

Enchiladas - corn tortillas filled with ground beef, peppers, salsa and sour cream.

I cannot wait for this weekend.  We are headed to Des Moines to visit family - and guess what stops I'll be making?  The infamous Des Moines Farmer's Market and Trader Joe's!

Yep, I've never been to a Trader Joe's.  Iowa only got their first one last fall (we are always the last to get everything).  So I plan on spending some time at the market (400+ vendors!) and shopping the aisles of Trader Joe's.  I'm still debating whether or not to bring the kiddos along.

Double stroller, 90-degree temps, huge crowds, kinda makes me want to throw up, but I guess we'll see what my mood brings come Saturday morning.

I'll be back with photos and a recap!

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  1. We are headed to Charleston, SC for a wedding this weekend. Kinda makes me want to throw up too. I've got 2 snot nosed kids, 98 degree weather, and inlaws to deal with. Yay. I'll be thinking about you on Saturday :)

  2. oh no! Mama needs 2 hands for TJs! Enjoy. That store rocks. Our local one is opening July 29 and I cannot wait. Your pasta bake looks yummy. I have that Rachael Ray dish in yellow :)

  3. Congrats Pam!

    Your dishes look amazing! Been a crazy week here too.

  4. So jealous of your trader joes trip! CAnt wait to hear all about it!

  5. Trader Joes will blow your mind. :) Have fun!!

  6. Have fun at TJ's! It's probably my favorite place in the world- you won't be disappointed :)

  7. Ooooooooh Trader Joe's!!! I have been once or twice in NY, but the lineup was soooooooooo long that I didn't wait.

  8. Congrats! OMG, you will LOVE TJ's!! Have a great weekend Ally!