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Thursday, October 17, 2013

Fun Fall Food for the Kiddos

I have come across some really fun, family friendly and fun kid food.  Just in time for Fall and the Halloween season.  I'm not sure where you live, but it is down right chilly here.  The leaves are falling, it's been a bit dreary and unfortunately I can just feel the "cold" in the air.

I love Fall, so I like it, but it still makes me worry about the upcoming winter season.  Ugh.

So, to get out minds off of that - let's talk fun fall food for the kiddos!  I hope to make a couple of these in the next week.  The kids love to get in the kitchen and I {mostly} love to be in the kitchen with them.

Minus the mess.

These darn things look super addictive.  What kids don't love popcorn and candy?  I'm imagining we'd make these and I would HAVE to give some away.  Otherwise the kids would want them every hour on the hour.

Something a bit healthier perhaps?  We always have a bag of apples in our house, eating them up like candy. This would be a fun twist!

Roll me over and stick a fork {or toothpick!} in me.  I think my family would love these at Christmas time. We got a bit crazy with appetizers and munchies.  So family members reading....should we put these on the menu?

Sometimes it is a bit of a mess {especially with kids} when trying to eat a whole caramel apple.  Heck, it's a bit of a mess eating one as an adult!  These bite-sized versions look fun and easier to just pop in your mouth.  Great for a party!

On my list to make this weekend....or at least a similar version of these cookies.  If you haven't tried putting a dry pudding mix in your cookie batter - what are you waiting for? Trust me, it does something to the batter and takes the baked cookie to a whole 'nother level.

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  1. Oooh! I love the ideas for apples, especially the mini caramel ones. And those bacon tater tots? Yes, please! :)

  2. You had me at sweet bacon tots - yum!!