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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Budget Friendly Foodie Holiday Gifts {order here!}

It is officially two weeks until Christmas.  The ONLY item I have purchased is the movie Polar Express for the kids.  I'm not joking.  I have not purchased anything else.

I'm like this every year.  At about the two week mark I finally start to get serious, make my list and then find a day {or a half day, lets get real} to sneak out of the house with no kids in tow and get all my shopping done.

As a household we approach the holidays I'm guessing a bit differently than others.  I know many, MANY of you happily sit at home shopping online with a credit card in hand.  No worries, right?  Well, we don't have any credit cards.  Yes, you heard me right we do not have ANY credit cards.  {A whole post about this subject is coming, stay tuned}.  So needless to say, in order to purchase a gift I need to have the cash for it.  It requires SAVING your money.  You know like they used to do in the old days?  Pay cash for things?

Since we now have cash to purchase our Christmas gifts, because we saved, I am now ready to shop.  I have many "foodies" in my life, so I thought I'd compile a list of budget friendly foodie gifts.  All of these gifts are less than $50, can easily be purchased online.....and heck you can order straight from this blog post! Just click on the desired link, learn about the product and enjoy!

I love me some Pioneer Woman.  I really just love her recipes.  She's got my style.  Maybe I could be her assistant?  Her latest cookbook tackles each holiday throughout the calendar year.  Valentine's Day, Easter, heck even Cinco de Mayo.

For only $19.67, it's a steal!  Large step-by-step instructions and a TON of recipes.  

While I'm not a coffee drinker, I know that around 90% of you are.  I'm not sure why I never got started, but now that I'm in my 30's I just keep thinking, do I need to start?  I love hot tea and that is good enough for me.

This 35-pack of Keurig cups is quite the steal for only $22.95.  It has a nice variety and should keep the coffee drinker in your life stocked up for awhile.  At least 35 days!  

Okay, start calling me out.  Olive Garden isn't a TRUE Italian restaurant.  I know.  I've heard it all before. But, you know what?  I love their salad dressing.  Can I make it myself at home?  Yep.  I even have the recipe.  But do I have friends who would just love to crack open the bottle and pour it on?  I sure do.

Two large 20 oz. bottles for only $13.64 is quite the deal.  Remember, this dressing goes a long way, you don't need much.  Buy for your salad lover.

I'm a sucker for clean, sleek, classic tea towel.  You see we don't use paper towels in our house.  One day I was just sick of buying them, so I stopped.  Instead we use towels and rags.  As you can imagine, with two little kids we have a stash of dirty towels by the end of the week.  I'm okay with that, they launder up just fine.  {My mom on the other hand brings a roll of paper towels with her every time she visits.}

This pack of 12, professional grade tea towels comes in at only $23.99!  They will last you MUCH longer than the 10 rolls of paper towels you can get for that same money.

I had this exact same Cuisinart Fondue Maker at one point.  We got it as a wedding gift.  It's awesome.  I won't dive into details {as it still gets me all worked up}, but lets just say "the husband" cleaned off the shelves in my laundry room one day {where I stored this gem} and figured since he didn't really know what it was or the last time I used it that he's just throw it on the curb since {of course} it was garbage day.  After that point I do believe it took me a few days to even look in his direction or speak with him.

Great, now I'm all worked up again.

Anyway, this fondue pot is awesome.  It's great for parties and is easy to clean.  And what a steal!  You can get it now for just $44.99.

As a Taste of Home Field Editor you'd think they asked me to promote their magazine, but they didn't.  I just really love it!  All of the recipes come from home cooks, so you know they have been tried over generations and are loved by many.

I look forward to getting this magazine on a bi-monthly basis and usually have about half of the pages dog-eared when I'm done browsing.  Trust me, you'll be making your grocery shopping list around the recipes in here.  And at only $15.00 for a year!  Crazy cheap.

Oh my gosh, I love cheese!  There.  I said it.  I'm not afraid to admit I love cheese.  All kinds. I do not judge.

This sample cheese platter is ideal for your cheese lover, a wine drinker or the party person in your life.  Set out this platter, some crackers, fruit and you've got yourself a nice little party.  At just $37.77, I doubt you could buy all these cheese at your local store for this price.

We have a skillet similar to this one that we use for everything - pancakes, hash browns, stir fry, eggs, everything!  It is easy to put up on the counter, plug it in and even better clean up is a cinch.

We gave this one to my father in law a few years back for Christmas {he is the cook in that household} and just a few weeks ago at Thanksgiving he thanked me again for getting it for him.  He uses it all the time as well.  And at just $29.00, it is also easy on the wallet.

These silicone baking pads are awesome!  Nothing sticks to them.  Nothing.  The baker in your life {me!} would love a set of 2.  If anyone gets these for me, I'll bake them up a pan of these buttery rolls too. Maybe. I guess it depends where you live.  But, we could probably work out a deal.

Only $13.36 for two - and they last forever.  Much longer than that can of non-stick cooking spray.


So, have I given you some ideas?

I sure hope so!

Now, I need to get shopping.

See ya.

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  1. We don't use credit for Christmas. We have a Christmas club account through our bank that we put money into automatically each month. In November, we get that money put into our checking accounts to use on Christmas gifts. I do most of my Christmas shopping online with a debit card that is connected to my checking account. I don't know too many people that use credit at Christmas time. Most have Christmas Club accounts through their banks. I am in Eastern Iowa, so maybe this isn't the norm everywhere?

  2. I am going to have to check out a couple of these. I've always wondered if the silicon mats really do work. I might just have to put a pair on my list. Looking forward to hearing about your future no credit card post too...

  3. My husband and I began Dave Ramsey's Total Money Makeover on January 1st of this year and we have been credit card free since July. Christmas shopping has been so easy and stress free this year without having to worry about credit and paying it off. We use cash for absolutely everything now!

  4. Hi Jazmine! Thanks for reading! I am in eastern Iowa too, but unfortunately I do know a lot of people still putting xmas gifts on credit cards. To each is one, we just don't feel comfortable with them anymore. Happy Holidays!

  5. The silpat mats really do work! I only have one, but it is getting pretty grimy (I do a lot of baking), so I want more! Yes, stay tuned to my no credit card post - it will actually be featured on a few other blogs as well, as part of a "Spending Strike" some are taking during the month of January.

  6. As do we! We are a little over a year into it now and I'm just kicking myself we didn't start it sooner. Thanks for reading!

  7. What an absolutely wonderful post with easy click ordering!!! Love all of these ideas for inexpensive gifts for those folks who love food as much as I do! The silicone baking pads have me intrigued….may have to add those to my list!!! Thanks for a great post!

  8. Silicone baking mats! They are truly the best and they last forever.

  9. You can add those baking mats to my Christmas wish list:)

  10. We don't have credit cards either, and haven't for 10+ years - if you can't pay for it with cash, you shouldn't be buying it anyway!

    I love all of your links - but what I really want is that CHEESE!

  11. Jolene (www.everydayfoodie.ca)December 13, 2013 at 3:16 PM

    Those are some great ideas!! I love Pioneer Woman's first two books ... now I want this one.

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