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Saturday, December 13, 2014

Holiday Gift Guide, Part II: Food and Drink

If you are like me you still have Christmas shopping to do.  In fact, I am just now starting the bulk of mine today.  I'm dropping the kiddos off with a babysitter and I'm tackling most of it in a few hours.  This is how I do it every year since I've had kids - watch out, don't get in my way, power shopping.  I don't technically prefer doing it this way, but with three little ones I don't get much time out on my own {and believe me, I prefer to be ALONE}.
BUT!  I do have a few things I still want to order online as well.  This year my extended family decided to for-go drawing names like we have in the past and instead we are all buying one gender neutral gift around the $20 range.  This year's theme is...Food and Drink.  So the gift you buy has to fall into this category.  When we actually exchange we'll draw numbers, allow people to steal your gift, etc.  I think it will be fun!
So while brainstorming a "Food and Drink" gift I came across some neat items.  And I thought I'd share them with you!  Here are a handful I came this close to ordering for our gift exchange.
*If one of these trips your fancy, please click on the Amazon affiliate link to order.

Dip Clip - $12.16

Wine Openers - $12.98
Happy Shopping!

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