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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

10+ Strawberry Recipes

Tis the season for strawberries!  This juicy fruit is in season right now and there are one million plus ways to enjoy them.  Here are a few of my favorites!

We have two strawberry plants in our garden.  I am fully aware that these two plants will not produce an over abundance of berries, but we threw them in there for fun.  I figured they would give me enough to snack on while I was weeding the garden.  Right?

When I first started seeing those green berries the first part of May I almost peed my pants. Excited was an understatement.  Then when they started turning red you'd think it was Christmas Eve.  About a week or two ago I went out to check on these beauties and I noticed my two huge juicy berries were getting eaten.  EATEN!  Our 2.5 ft. fence around the garden wasn't doing the trick with some critter.

The bunnies couldn't get in, I never saw a squirrel make their way in {although they could}, but after watching I saw birds.

Stinking, flipping, birds.

All I wanted to do with these few strawberries was gather them up, hide them, and eat them with some dark chocolate and wine after the kids were in bed.  

Is that TOO much to ask my feathered friends?

When I finally caught the darn things I went running outside, swinging my dish towel and cussing like a sailor.  I'm sure my neighbors were impressed.

So....with all this being said, I did make it to my local strawberry farm last week and picked two flats. Half went into freezer jam and the others went into a new recipe {coming!} and just basic frozen strawberries to be used in smoothies for the coming year.

If you are like me and cannot get enough of this fruit, here are 10+ great recipes to use them in.  I picked some of my favorites from many Iowa food bloggers and other friends.  Enjoy!

Did you find one you want to make?

It's a toss up between the Strawberry Cheesecake Banana Soft Serve and the Chocolate Strawberry Trifle for me.  Although they ALL look fabulous, don't they?

Take a moment and pin the image below so you can come back to all of these insanely delicious recipes later!

Peace out!

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