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Thursday, October 7, 2021

Apple Fritter Donut Bread

Apples are in season so why not indulge?
This Apple Fritter Donut Bread is a fun, sweet treat.

Apple Fritter Donut Bread

Yay, it's October!

As Anne of Green Gables said, "I'm so happy to live in a world where there are Octobers". Me too Anne! I love the crisp, cool air, the Fall foods {ahem, apples}, the many football games, the sweatshirt weather and all the Fall events that don't leave me sweating to death outside.

Our wedding anniversary is in October and I distinctly remember the year prior watching the calendar to see when the leaves would be at their MOST peakness in Iowa for a Fall wedding the following year. 

I just love Fall!

Apple Fritter Donut Bread

A friend of mine gave me a big 'ol bag of apples last week {greatest gift ever?} and I've made a handful of yummy food items with them.

So far my Harvest Muffins {these are great for snacks and lunchboxes}, my Apple Peanut Butter Cookies and one batch of my Instant Pot Cinnamon Applesauce.

We are a bit on apple overload over here! But in a good way, I have not heard any complaining from my crew.

Apple Fritter Donut Bread

I got the idea for this fritter bread after stopping at the iconic Midwest gas station Casey's a few weeks back with my girls. I desperately needed coffee and they desperately needed a donut as we were on our way to a volleyball tournament.

Caffeine and sugar can fix early mornings.

Casey's has long been known for their fried apple fritters {as well as their famous cake donuts} and let me tell you they are GOOD. But I'm not really into frying things as it gets messy so I figured out another way to get that same taste in bread.

It worked!

Apple Fritter Donut Bread

This rich sweet bread tastes like the inside of a hot, fresh donut! It has the same fluffy texture, but without the hassle of making individual fried donuts.

What's even better are the diced apples studded with cinnamon and nutmeg weaved into the bread batter. Use whatever apples you have on hand! All work great.

And well, then the top of this bread is covered in brown sugar, more cinnamon and finished off with a sweet icing once it has cooled. Just like it's fritter cousin.

Apple Fritter Donut Bread

But again, without all the fuss of making donuts.

My kids loved on this bread for about three breakfasts in a row before school {I served scrambled eggs with it too - don't harp on me about a non-filling breakfast!} and they were a bit sad when it was gone. Frankly, I was too.

This bread is fall-a-part GOOD. I like to keep it in the fridge after cooling as it holds it up well for slicing.

Apple Fritter Donut Bread
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And if sweets aren't your thing - bake this up for a friend.

I can promise it will cheer most anyone up.

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