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Thursday, November 18, 2021

Candied Pecan Sweet Potato Casserole

This holiday side dish is a big crowd favorite!
My Candied Pecan Sweet Potato Casserole needs to grace your holiday table.

Collage of sweet potato casserole dishes

It's mid November so that means the holidays are upon us!

Here's the thing.

I didn't grow up eating sweet potatoes. My Mom just never cooked with them. Whether as a sweet potato fry with our burgers or a sweet side on Thanksgiving. So until I became an adult and tried them I never even knew if I liked them!

Bags of candied pecans on a cutting board

After having some amazing sweet potato casseroles in restaurants over the years I knew it would only be time before I tried making my own.

Enter in a few weeks back when I was in Trader Joe's and saw these bags of candied pecans. Two bags miraculously jumped into my cart. The idea of a fun pecan and brown sugar topping came into my head and I just knew I would be testing this dish before Thanksgiving came around.

And that is exactly what happened.

Table setting of sweet potato casserole

Oh. My. Gosh.

I only had to test it ONCE. That was all it needed. This side dish turned out perfect! I made it midday and when the husband stopped home from lunch I found him hovering over the stove eating it by the spoonful.

Right there my friends should tell you just how good it is.

Bite of sweet potato casserole on a fork

Now, I know your first question will be, "where do I find candied pecans, Ally?" Well, that's easy! At the grocery store silly!

Honestly, I've seen them at Trader Joe's, ALDI, Hy-Vee....so I'm guessing most stores {especially this time of year} will have them in stock. You can find them next to the regular pecans in the baking aisle or sometimes they are also found in the gourmet nut section, even sometimes in the holiday gift section.

I promise they are not hard to find!

But, if you get in a bind, here is an easy recipe to make your own. Or, if push comes to shove you can certainly use regular pecans.

Casserole dish of sweet potato casserole

This bottom layer of creamy, smooth sweet potatoes {only amped up my a bit of cream, salt, brown sugar and butter} make for the best layer. Honestly, they can be eaten alone!

But that topping.

It really does take this dish up a notch. It is super crunchy and sweet. That combination of smooth sweet potatoes and a crunchy, almost praline-like, topping just makes the best bite.

Collage of sweet potato casserole dishes

If prepping for the holidays please know that bottom sweet potato layer can be prepped the day ahead and put in the pan, then tucked away in the fridge overnight. Right before baking, add the topping and bake. Simple side dish!

I'd love for you to rate the recipe on the recipe card below if you like this one. It will help people decide if they need to make it for the holidays too!

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  1. I had dinner at an upscale southern restaurant in Boone, NC and the chef made a sweet potato casserole that used candied pecans, brown sugar and panko bread crumbs. OMG!! Insanely good - never would’ve thought of that… so, I’m sharing it with everyone. Give it a try… you won’t regret!!