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Thursday, January 20, 2022

Creamy Beef Burritos

Our family's favorite easy peasy Mexican dish, my Creamy Beef Burritos!
Just six ingredients to a fun dinner.

Casserole dish of beef burritos

Love a good, easy Mexican dish?

I started sharing this meal in my Instagram stories last year and I finally had to take a screenshot for people as they kept asking for the recipe and I had yet to put it on my blog!

Well, the day has finally come. It's here!

It's so simple. Just six ingredients I can hardly call it a proper recipe, but again I make the rules around here so a recipe it is.

Skillet and spatula of ground beef, cream cheese and enchilada sauce.

See this easy filling?

Yep, you're looking at all of it. Your eyes are not fooling you. Ground beef, cream cheese, red enchilada sauce and green enchilada sauce. That's it.

This mixture gives these burritos their creamy filling + incredible flavor without much work. Your kids could make these they are so easy!

Casserole dish of beef burritos with plate, fork and spatula.

Once you wrap them up in big flour tortillas and place them in a pan you pour the remaining red and green enchilada sauce over the tops of them and of course layer with cheese.

Pop it all in the oven and viola! Dinner is done.

We serve these burritos {always and forever} with our favorite boxed Mexican rice, La Preferida. Find it at your local store and BUY THEM OUT. Trust me, you'll love it. I've tried a million and one times to make my own, but it just never turns right.

So boxed it is.

Close up of beef burrito and fork on a white plate.

This dish is also a great meal to whip up if you ever need to take a meal to someone {make sure to include the rice too!}. Go to the dollar store and buy a few of those tin foil disposable baking pans. They hold these burritos brilliantly.

You know what else is great?

These burritos can be prepped a day or two ahead and placed in the fridge until ready to bake. They hold up well.

Plates beef burrito on a white plate and tea towel next to a casserole dish.

Top these beauties with your favorite Mexican toppings.

We love sour cream, extra salsa, homemade guacamole and crushed tortilla chips for added crunch and texture. They are so, so good!

Somehow {well, I know how, because they are delicious} these burritos seem to be creeping into our meal rotation at least once a month! Not a single person in the house complains. And trust me, when you can find a meal that everyone likes it will make your mama heart rejoice.

Collage of Creamy Beef Burritos

I cannot wait to hear how much you enjoy these!

Please leave a star rating below on the recipe card and give me your honest thoughts. I love to hear all of them. In the meantime, enjoy this easy and tasty dinner on me!

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  1. This is very easy to make. Loved the cream cheese addition! I’ll make it again.
    Next time I think I’ll season the beef with taco seasoning to bring out more flavor. Yum!