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Thursday, June 2, 2022

15 Easy Summer Cocktails

Cheers to Summer!
These 15 Easy Summer Cocktails are the perfect refresher for the beach, lake, patio or backyard.

15 Easy Summer Cockails

I never used to be a cocktail girl.

Rather I was happy with a cold beer {I blame that on college}. But as I got older beer was a bit heavy and I started trying lighter cocktails as a refresher. Enter in the seltzer craze the past few years and now I rarely drink a beer!

I love how you can go with any traditional, many years passed down cocktail, or you can play around and make your own. My standbys when the weather is warm is a classic gin & tonic or a vodka/lime juice/seltzer water combo. 

This week I hand picked some of my favorites to share with you. Everything from sangria to margaritas to rum runners. They are all fun and easy!

Peach Margarita

Southside Cucumber Fizz Cocktail

Easy Greyhound Cocktail

Frozen Gin and Tonics

Raspberry Gin Rickey Cocktail

15 Easy Summer Cockails

Alright, so which one are you trying first?

Here's my list - in this order - Frozen Gin and Tonic, then the Raspberry Gin Rickey, then the Ranch Water.

But let's be honest. If anyone were to handle me any one of these 15 cocktails I'd slurp it up without any complaints!

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